Back at it

Back at it

10 pax arranged themselves in a sort of oval-like shape this morning as we prepared for this week’s rendition of Meathead. After a proper disclaimer, we got down to business.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • 2-handed swings x 10
  • Merkins x 1o IC
  • 2-handed swings x 10
  • Prying/Praying squats x 2

Sufficiently warm and disclaimed, we moved into the Main Event:

Double clean and press – 8 sets of 3 reps

For the complex, I wanted to get some single bell work in, so we did the following:

  • 1-handed swing x 5
  • Clean x 5
  • Snatch x 5
  • Push press x 5
  • Reverse lunge x 5

Switch sides. Repeato for 3 total rounds per side. This looked easier on paper than it was in practice. Definitely a grip tester.

Next, we did a little Easy Strength:

  • Deadlifts – 2 sets of 5 reps
  • Floor press – 2 sets of 5 reps
  • Lawnmowers – 2 sets of 5 reps
  • Double cleans – 4 sets of 5 reps

Still a little time left, so we did a mini-Goshawk:

Goblet squat x 8, suitcase carry for ~:30. Repeat for 4 rounds.

We finished up with the usual Mary:

Elbow plank, hollow body hold, and glute bridge for 1:00 each.



  • Check Slack and the website for details on the Functional Strength Challenge that High Tide has put together. There are various classes for Respects, Meatheads, and Pax, so no need to feel intimidated. Strengths in some events will definitely incur trade offs in others. Like all CSAUPs, it’s an opportunity to get together and push ourselves to do more than we could do alone and maybe poke some fun at one another.
  • Please make an effort to put together backblast for your workouts! It’s a big part of keeping pax engaged and rewarding them for posting. They don’t have to be funny (see above), but get it down on the internet for posterity.


  • Mighty Mite was kind enough to offer to let me work in with him on the double 32s for the presses, but I had to decline. The 28s are giving me enough trouble, thank you very much. I’ll try a couple of rounds of the double swings with them first.
  • The Alabama boys were giddy about their team’s success in a sport other than football. As Unplugged put it, they are unfamiliar with the concept of outperforming in sports. Pretty soon, we’re going to have to put them in a separate parking lot for the workout so the rest of us don’t vomit everywhere.
  • Ickey Shuffle was so mad at me for missing his Q at Swole on Monday that he defected to Q Anvil this morning. That hurts. Speaking of Swole, I’ll be Qing there next week. Come on out for more presses, but totally different complexes. I’m thinking we should do a full Goshawk…
  • The playlist came up with some GNR tunes from Use Your Illusion this morning that I think everyone appreciated. That album was such a big deal when it came out, it deserves to be celebrated.
  • We had a strong group of Respects out there this morning (like we do every Wednesday), with High Tide, Uncle Leo, Unplugged, Cottonmouth, and The Worm bringing the heat. Strong work, gentlemen.

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