The Ol’ Bait and Switch

The Ol’ Bait and Switch

With the promise of new territory never before seen by a Cutty workout, I was able to pull some folks normally not interested in a Posse Q. Unfortunately for all of us, the rain just made it too wet to be safe. So instead, I had to flip to the something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue.

Since the mandatory headlamps would not be necessary for Plan B, we moseyed around the back of the parking lot to let Pax put their light away. But kudos for following instructions & being prepared! Moseyed to the second covering at the front of the Middle School.

Something Old

Partner with someone of opposite ability (if there was a Partner Police, Bottle Cap & Rockwell would be issued a ticket). P1 takes a hot lap & P2 does:

Burpees – 50
Overhead Claps (SSH) – 100
Merkins -150
BigGER Boi Situps – 200
Squats – 250

This is my go-to on a rainy day. The enhanced BBSU is courtesy of watching Flanders do these at Asylum. Start with full extension arms & legs. Hands touch pavement. On the up, keep your legs as extended as possible & touch the bottom of your feet. When I demonstrated, I could hear the indifference that was coming from most Pax. Come around the 75th BB, they start to see they aren’t ticking the reps off as fast. You’re welcome.

Playing the part of Posse today, Rudy joins in around Merkin time to even out the only 3 headed partnership.

Something New

3 short PVC pipes mounted together in a corner. Each Pax takes turns getting 3 playhouse balls to toss into the pipes, ala carnival games. If the Pax makes it, everyone else does a burpee; if he misses, he does the burpee. Pax throwing the balls calls out the exercise for the rest to do while he throws.
Most did their 3 burpees. A few did 2 & had everyone else do 1. I think only 1 person got 2 in the holes. Just what I was hoping.
That PVC thing came to my house just 12 hours prior to this workout! It’s gonna go to my wife’s school this week, but that seems like a great thing to make for an Appetizer/Clyent Dinner kind of afternoon.

Something Borrowed

This exercise is done a lot in the Midwest & Northern regions. I learned about it from when I was Zooming in the Gloom a few months back. I can’t describe it, other to say it’s the only exercise done in unison, as opposed to cadence count or civilian count. I don’t think I explained that well enough, because I stopped us on the 3rd round to tell them I was the only person I was hearing. With the case precedence of Wolf v. Homecoming, I knew I was within my rights to start back at the top. This time, many more voices were heard, even with pissiness sprinkled in.
At one point, Chastain starts heading my way during this thing. I can’t tell if he’s looking to do a Kid in Play, Riverdance off, hug it out, or what. Was he wanting me to talk to him in Big Blatin again?

Something Blue

I wore blue shorts with blue lighting tights because the occasion called for it.

Mosey back to COT parking lot with alternating Speed Skaters & Romanian Deadlifts. I sure wish Zin had been there to judge my form. He already has a video of it. Schneider tries to convince Serge to cut a light or two short to make it back to COT (10 feet away) with 30 seconds to spare. I was having none of it.


Lots to apologize for today.

Prior to the start, I was surprised to see Shake walk up. So surprised, I called him Jingles. I was surprised because I can’t remember the last time Shake came to one of my Q’s. I’ve also asked him repeatedly to Q EITHER of the Saturday sites I’ve been a Site Q for, & he’s said no (unusual for him, I know).  So I figured he wouldn’t show so I couldn’t ask him again. Since Saturday was Shake’s birthday, most assume he would Q on his birthday, like most everyone else does. That didn’t happen, so I assumed he was taking the entire week off.
Jingles, on the other hand, is a man I admire & miss working out with him. I long for the days when we ran The (1st) Rooster and the trails on Sundays.
And finally, it’s pretty common for people to get misidentified as Jingles. It’s happened to me, too. Ask Fuse.
I apologize for my mistake, Shake.

During one of my runs, I see the juicy booty of O-69 in front of me. I get a windmill going to slap my first piece of meat since going vegetarian last year. Come to find out in COT that both the shock and my hand placement put my man in some pain. I feel horrible about that, too.

The last of our Double Respect shirts were handed out today. We’ve given ones to Penalty Box (he also got a Triple Respect shirt), Blue Screen, & Chainsaw. Today was Draper. A man who’s been heavier on the 3rd F than 1st F lately as he’s recovering from injury (and sickness?). I always enjoy working out with him but didn’t give him the kudos he deserved in COT.

I took us out, but looking back, I could’ve done better, there, too.

Anyone else I miss? Yeah, my bad for forgetting you.


Q School – Saturday, March 6 at Cuthbertson Middle 6:30 AM – 8:00 AM
45 minute learning workout & 45 documentation/discussion. A safe(r) place to mess up & ask ANY question you want. Giveaway at the end. RSVP by GroupMe calendar in Playhouse or News channel & choose GOING. Then, for both GroupMe & Slackers, click on this link to provide your email to send you docs beforehand.
If you don’t know the difference between a starfish & 4 corners; why we talk DiCCS at the beginning; can’t name 2 different Webbs; or know what/who is a 6/Clydesdale/Gazelle, then this is the place for you. Plus, you know that when we do Q School, 1Q is coming soon.

The Rooster – Saturday, March 13 in Rock Hill, SC. 6:00 AM – ya done
Marathon relay for 2 or 5 person teams (women, co-eds & teens are ok!). Each person runs 1 mile at a time for 5 rounds, 5×5 = 25; then ALL 5 run the final mile together. Ruckers will do a half marathon. Here is the preblast:
If you are going to be part of the Waxhaw teams – DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM. We will create balanced teams to keep everyone together, then submit all teams at once (#Socialism). If interested, but not on GroupMe, DM Bottle Cap to get in on the action. If on GroupMe, choose GOING on the Playhouse or News calendar. Looking to GhostFlag this MF’er!

Prayers for Surge’s niece, Lauren. She was in a major accident & is in ICU.

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