Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds

A great afternoon to lead 10 strong dudes for a little sloppy seconds at the famous buy-one-get-one-free site “Clyent” Dinner. I don’t know why I don’t post here more. I think it is proximity to my workplace bc I need to sneak out leave early any time I want to post here. Always a good time and get to see some guys that don’t post in the morning due to other obligations, so totally worth it. Today especially bc the early mornings don’t really appeal to my bonus child 2.0, Draedyn Carlton “John B.” named for his favorite Netflix series’ “Outer Banks” main character. I was finally able to bribe convince him to join me for a workout by offering Chick-fil-a for an after workout meal. (Probably would have ended up getting Chick-fil-a either way…)

Warmorama – Moseyed from COT around front of MS and then far side of the bus circle, stopped for Imperial Walkers, returned to the sidewalk by Rudy’s shed and then up to the intersection to no where for some stretching. Calf, Jimmy Dugans and Upward and Downward Dog.

Thang – Ran to rock pile and grabbed a lifting rock for 3 circuits including 2 sets of 5 exercises done 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 with run to the intersection to no where between each set.

Warmup – IW, JD’s (C, L, R), CS (L, R) U/DD
Circuit 1 Circuit 2 Circuit 3
5 X Burp 6C IC J.Lo IC Burpee Press
10 X Lunge IC Superman LSSq IC
15 X BBSU CC Curls CC 1MT / 2Rows
20 X Lunge IC SSkaters IC Flutters IC
25 X Dry Dock CC PJ CC E.Plank 25 sec
Repeat Repeat Repeat

I had lunges listed twice in the first circuit and didn’t realize until we got into it but we continued and got through it. Way to push!

I kept everyone together by counting most of the exercises and starting each set at the same time. I had everyone turn around when the “Gazelle’s” passed them on the way back.

Everyone was pretty quiet during the workout and I personally was able to get the heart rate up into the max-burn-zone for several minutes.

Great to see some PAX that I haven’t seen in a while and lead a fine group of men and 2.0’s.


Spartan Race this Saturday – will be separated into groups of no more than 25 to abide by restrictions from Governor of N.C.

Moving AO’s for Friday to alternate sites due to Activities at Cuthbertson – look at GM for site changes

I took us out

Cocktails were served afterward

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