Citizen Dick

Citizen Dick

Since I’m a good person, I’m writing this backblast. (Pats self on back.)

From the AO run to Rea Rd, stopping at each intersection for 10 ‘mericans and 10 jump squats.

Uhwarrie Bank Baby Deck
Lower level – 20 hip slappers, looong bear crawl (and/or crab walk) to stairs
Upper level – 20 donkey kicks
X 5

Goodyear Quarry

10 IC curls, overhead press and tricep extensions
Rinse & repeat

Head home repeating the required ‘mericans and jump squats on the way back.

4-ish miles

Bucky’s new shoes a pair of Brooks Glycerin (Bush song) began a 90s name that tune session that included early 90s grunge a la the Single Soundtrack. Linked here for listening pleasure – (I’ve seen Screaming Trees and Mudhoney in concert, both were great.)

Thanks to all who attended. Fire Hazard whooped us all in the garage and used an exoplanet during the rock work. Kirby and Paper Jam are no longer content in the six, major gains for these pax. Strong! Frasier consistently encourages everyone. Soft Pretzel and Bucky never slowed down the whole morning. Stonehenge faithful Cul-de-Sac looked solid knocking out more than 100 ‘mericans.

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on5:07 pm - Oct 11, 2019

Collecting coats for West Blvd Ministry – delivery on 11/2. PAX can contact me @pchepul on twitter or email at with questions or to arrange a pick up. Aye

BuckyPosted on8:06 pm - Oct 12, 2019

Super tough- really feeling those Excessive bear crawls next day! Thanks!

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