Happy “Do What You Hate” Monday!

Happy “Do What You Hate” Monday!

It’s a celebration bitch£s!! It feels like I’ve been working out with you guys for way longer but as of yesterday I’m officially 1 year in the WUC F3 familia!! What a journey it’s been both mentally and physically in those 365 days. Thanks to each and everyone of you for the push to get out of bed every morning. The friendships, the laughter and the daily grind to dig a little bit deeper every post is appreciated.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve posted but I do know today was my 25th Q. What would I have planned? Something fun? Would I chose something new and exciting? Or would I do what I hate….

DiCCS given. Let’s rock….


Long 1 Mile Opening Mosey. I despise running, especially long distances so it would make sense to start with a nice 9 minute mile.

Circle Up at PetSmart

  • 20 x SSH
  • 10 x Imperial Walker
  • 10 x Morroccan Night Club
  • Jimmy Dugan
  • Calf Stretch

Ladder. 1 Merkin, 4 Air Presses until 10 &. 40. IC. I feel like we used to do this a good bit when I first started and it was demoralizing. I couldn’t get through it without several breaks. Now I can crush it.

Mosey to Target. 3 burpees at the center. Each corner, alternate between 10 x Speedskaters and 10 x Bobby Hurleys. Come back to center between rounds for the burpees

40 Bear Crawl & 10 Mike Tyson’s. IC. Working our way down instead of up. Audibled after completing round 7: 28 x BCs & 7 x MTs. Awful. This will absolutely be my new favorite as this combines one thing I used to hate, Bear Crawls, with something I currently hate, MTs.

Mosey over to Hickory Tavern. Partner up. Split 50 x derkins. 100 x step ups. 200 x dips.

Circle up, on your 6 and go around the horn doing an ab workout of your choice. Everyone got in an exercise. And that’s time….

Complete. COT.


I’m probably, no promises, done talking about my personal journey. It’s had it’s up and downs, trials and tribulations and I’ve been more than open about it. My new focus is going to be on activities/discussion to assist others get on their own new path and to push through personal barriers. Finding new guys to drag to their 1st post is one thing I already love but I’ve found a new motivation recently with Shake n Bakes words of encouragement. Reading a few comments in his BBs but then seeing him in action at the Floater and Watchtower last week verbally helping guys push has a renewed focus for me.

“Why are you out here?” is not an easy question to throw at your brother while they are struggling to complete an exercise. It’s moments like that though that I’ve found myself pushing through a current mental/physical plateau. My most memorable are being rescued by DW and Moneyball, Doughboy offering a “good work” or any number of you that provide a helping hand of any kind.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m happy to announce I’m going to be F3 WUC’s (self appointed) Head Cheerleader. This will include even more words of encouragement, circling back for the 6 more often and I’ll be looking to make more personal connections with the hope’s that we create more F3 Lifers.

Great work by everyone that posted today and thanks for the support! It’s great to see so many legacy posters and new PAX. Keep up the good work boys!

Thanks to Swimmers for taking us out? I think it was you. Too damn humid and I forget.


  • Q School this Saturday!!! See Posse for more information but if you have Q’d between zero and 5 times then this class is for you!!
  • Speed For Need 5k Run, Aug 14, see Swimmers for more info.

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