Bear spotted at Chiseled

Bear spotted at Chiseled

DiCCS given. Key watchout for the day would be for Geese droppings littering the AO. Mosey up to Cuthbertson and back around to side of Mt. Chiseled.

Potatoe Pickers , Calf Stretch, Merkins X 15

The Thang:

1.) Partner Up. P1 – Run around Mt. Chiseled Backwards. P2 – Manmakers with weights. 3 rounds each.

2.) Partner Up. P1 – Crawl bear up Mt. Chiseled. P2 – Grab ball for scissor crunches. 3 rounds each

3.) Partner Up – line up side by side at one end of Mt. Chiseled. All Pax completed 10 merkins. Hold plank until it is your turn to sprint. First pair sprint to other end of Mt. Chiseled. Once partners ahead of you arrive at other end of Mt. Chiseled, your turn to sprint. Once there, 10 merkins, hold plank until all Pax have sprinted. 3 Rounds.

4.) Partner Up – P1 runs around Mt. Chiseled backwards. P2 Curls. 2 Rounds Each

5.) Burpee/Shoulder Press Webb. 1 Burpee, 4 shoulder presses w/ weights….up to 5 Burpees, 20 shoulder presses w/ weights.

6.) Mosey to Pit of Misery. Partner Up. P1 – 10 merkins. P2 Step Ups, flapjack until time.

Ye Olde Moleskin:

The crawl bear was a big hit! I have to admit I made this up the night prior. Once I arrived at Mt. Chiseled to unload gear, I tested the crawl bear. It was awful. I knew the Pax would enjoy!

Lots of humidity, lots of sweat in the COT, everyone worked hard.


Christ’s Closet – 6pm this Friday – see News Channel for Details

2nd F Opportunity this Friday – 7pm downtown Waxhaw, Mary O’Neil’s parking lot. M and 2.0 friendly. Farewell to Moneyball, School’s out party.

Fixin’ it for Christ opportunity coming soon. Please talk to Jingles if you can serve at all.

Feelers are out for an additional AO/workout in the Marvin Ridge area. Targeting Sandy Ridge Elementary, Rea View Elementary, or another at MRHS. With our growth, it seems feasible to plant and grow another. Stay tuned…

Rockwell on Q at The Arsenal at Indian Land Elementary tomorrow. Some guys are planning to support him and our brothers across the boarder!

YHC took us out.

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