Tale of two decks

Tale of two decks

First time out to the waverly ao known as Cerberus and the ao as well as he pax did not disappoint! A strong crew of 16 got to make fresh tracks on the less steep but amply lit parking deck.

After disclaiming the Pax away we went. Fast mosey around the nexus building to new parking deck where cop would begin in a 2 exercise per flight fashion as follows-

Level 1 merkinx20 ic sshx20

Level 2 wide arm merkinx20 Ic – 20 iw Level 3 diamond merkin x15 squatx20

Take it to the top and back down the stairs

4 corners around nexus building x 4laps

C1 10 hand release

C2 10 Jump squat

C3 10 full sit ups

C4 10 tricep dips

Mosey to the other steeper more crowded garage for parking deck suicide Start at bottom with 5 hand clap explosive merkins

5 lunges ea leg at top of ramp

Finish at top w wall sit and arm raises

Head back toward launch to snag paperjam the head toward ale house for some stinky decline plank. Too stinky so we headed back to the new deck. Grab a partner. P1 runs the deck to top p2 20 derkin/20step ups/ 20 dips- flapjack

Head back to launch for 1 may exercise – American hammer

Mole- with this having been my first time to this ao I had planned on a midweek recon, but family and work commitments got in the way. I got to the site 5:15 to see pj in the downward dog pose in the parking lot so I knew i was in the right place. Did a quick warm up loop around the ao- but didn’t see the original parking deck. McGee would later provided much needed direction. Very strong crew out here this morning – seemed like ocho cinco, McGee, Alf, jobe and a few others were out front a good bit. Everyone was putting in some solid work today covering 3.2 miles and amassing ~200 merkins. Good to see Astro and transporter all healed up from p200. Thanks to Johnny Utah for taking us out. Thanks for allowing me to lead – really enjoyed it


4/20 convergence at Stonehenge

4/27 dreddq at da Vinci

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