Burpee Bath

Burpee Bath

18 PAX showed up on a soggy Wednesday morning. This is much more then I anticipated with the rough conditions, but maybe everyone saw the weather for the remainder of the week and realized this may be their best chance to burn a couple calories. No one got chiseled at Dromedary today as we left the rocks alone, but they did get their fair share of miles in today.

Warm up lap 3/4   way around the student parking lot into the dark corner for a warm up. Luckily someone set the motion light on to make it less creepy before my disclaimer.


  • SSH IC 20x
  • Imperial Walker IC 15x
  • Plank Jack IC 10x
  • Peter Parker IC 10x
  • Cherry Picker IC 10x


  • Snake the entire parking lot doing 3 burpees in the middle and 5 jump squats at the bottom, circle back to get the six which was never too far back with this group of PAX
  • Mosey to the alcoves on the side of the high school holding a wall sit for 20 jabs IC.
  • Go back and forth between the two alcoves doing ten donky kicks and five Mike Tyson’s three times each.
  • Go back out on the street, partner up; Partner one does exercise while partner two goes for a mosey to and around the globe. Exercised included, 150 Carolina Dry Docks, 150 Jump Squats, 50 Burpees.
  • Mary for some ab exercises; flutters, pistol LBCs, Heals to Hevan.
  • Mosey back to student parking lot doing five merkins at every other tree.
  • Finish off with a sucide run on the side of the student parking lot.


Strong group of PAX today who all stuck close together as we covered 3.6mi. Well done Deadwood, Shank n’ Bake, and others who got out there early to cover a few extra miles. Thanks to Goodfella for giving me the opportunity to Q Dromedary and lead a great group of men. In case Fuse Box is wondering, Deadwood’s form was impeccable this morning, all his burpees included a full push up. Welcome FNG Pocahontas who made this workout look easy, later to find out he was a former Marine. And lastly big props to Mad Dog who shows up in these sub par conditions after just recently being discharged from the hospital. Mad Dog put in exceptional work today and didn’t modify anything as he promised the M he would!


  • SOB/ Indian Land/ Western UC Christmas party: http://f3southcharlotte.com/?s=christmas+party (I think that link has all the necessary details)
  • Floater is closed next week for Thanksgiving
  • Goodfella said he is “pulling Frack out of the closet” for his Q next week
  • Prayer Request for Johnny Utah’s wife who is having some serious back issues
  • Prayer Request for Pocahontas brother who is recovering from a stroke



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