You’re Really Getting On My Nerves!!!

You’re Really Getting On My Nerves!!!

YHC was running a tad behind this morning but needed to confirm a couple locales for this morning’s festivities. Pulled into the lot at my former normal #528 time slot, ducked in amongst the pax, and shouted a 1 minute warning. Friendly banter, a couple jokes, and off we go.


Mosey across railroad tracks to the other side of Waxhaw across from Dreamchasers and circle up.

SSH x 20

Merkins x 10

Calf-stretches, Hamstring stretches, Old Man stretches

Complaints about Yoga class breaking out

Moneyball being rendered speechless by a Doughboy comment. First time for everything, I guess. Enough of the pleasantries, let’s begin.

The Thang:

Mosey on to the school on the other side of the tracks. It was about .25 mile in when we stopped for a quick 10 count to let all catch up. Bread Bowl counted us down a bit too quickly and off we went again. Bread Bowl was not pleased. “Moneyball, you’re really getting on my nerves with all this running.” YHC thinks he’s been going to Big 10 tutoring sessions or something. We got a chuckle and kept running on to Thin Mint’s hill aka Bad Idea aka Father of Keith Jong Hill aka a long steep hill for a little Jackie Robinson.

Truth be told, I have no idea if that’s an authorized workout name, but it made it easy to remember. Like a Triple Nickel, only 4 and 2. 4 exercises 2x.

Run to first light and do 25 squats

Run to second light do 25 merkins

Run to top and do 10 burpees

Back to Bottom and 50 LBCs

Rinse and repeat. Jackie Robinson. 42

Under the watchful eye of Big 10, Bread Bowl delivered a far more measured 15 count. Off we went again – mosey back up the hill towards Waxhaw for a little game of “Would You Rather”.

At the Railroad Bridge Pax had 2 choices:

  1. 3 Burpees at the bottom of bridge/3 at top/3 at bottom/3 back on top/3 at bottom or…
  2. 30 Speed Skaters/30 Squats/30 Calf Raises

At the Half-Wall Pax had 2 choices:

  1. Light Pole suicide or…
  2. 50 dips/25 derkins

Mosey to Full Wall across from church:

  1. 40 Donkey Kicks or…
  2. 80 American Hammers

Mosey to bottom of Keith Jong Hill:

  1. Run backwards to first stop sign or…
  2. Run forward to second stop sign

30 seconds remained. Back to COT for a AYG to stop sign and back. Finished!


Awesome effort by the Pax today. Rubbermaid said we covered right around 3 miles.

Really proud of Bread Bowl and how hard we worked. From what Dough Boy told us, he had a bit of a let down in sports a couple days prior. Really good to see him out there busting his butt at 5:30 in the morning. Great job, Bread Bowl! Seems like the entire group is getting faster. Damascus killed it and the Briarcrest crew is really coming on nicely. Great job Fuse Box on all the EHs. We left Posse behind again. Either we need to start waiting a bit longer or he needs to get there a bit earlier. Not sure which…Big 10 stayed until the end. He dodged a bullet today as we decided not to collect dues this morning.


Longos are moving. Dough Boy will circulate details

Keep Longo family in your prayers. Lynnmarie is battling Stage 4 cancer. A miracle is needed

Thanks Damascus for taking us out.



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