Chesticle day at Dromedary

Chesticle day at Dromedary

24 PAX including two 2.0s (Iron and Ore) posted at Dromedary this morning, as usual I didn’t have a plan, but new that wanted to go hard on the chesticles with some running in between. 


SSH IC about 30

Merkin IC x 10

Plank Jacks IC x 10

Moroccan Night Club IC x 20

Imperial Walker’s IC x 20

The thang:

Modified Jack Webb, holding the plank the whole time between exercises 1 Merkin 4 Mountain climbers , 2 Merkins 8 Mountain Climbers…….all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 Mountain Climbers.

Mosey to the benches at the MS cafeteria, 5 Derkins, 10 Step Ups, 15 Dips, sprint around the track and back to benches.

Another modified Jack Webb this time from standing inch worm to plank 1 Merkin, inch worm back to standing then 4 dips, then 2 merkins/8 dips… al the way up to 10/40.

Repeat the 5 Derkins, 10 Step Ups and 15 Dips followed by another lap and back to benches.

Decided to give a break to the chest for a few minutes and did some Jack Wabs 1 Hills to Heaven/4 LBCs, 2 Hills to Heaven/8 LBCs……All the way up to 10 Hills to Heaven/40 LBCs

Mosey to far end of field PAX formed a small circle and did what started it all the classic Jack Webbs 1 Merkin/4 Air Presses all the way up to 10Merkin/40 Air presses.

Mosey back to start for some SSH and finished with 15 Diamond Merkins.

The Moleskin: 

We had a great group of men this morning, solid effort by everyone, this was a very challenging workout, probably first time at any AO that 4 different variations of Jack Webb’s are done in a single workout. We did 200 Merkins as well as many triceps workouts, didn’t hear much complaining at all but have to say that the regular complainers did not attend this morning. And this was probably my first Q with less than 2 miles, actually my watch recorded 1.3 miles.

Thank you Run Flat and Goodfella for giving me the opportunity to lead, and thank you for continuing to build this site up.


Sand Box project on July 21st, woodworking to build furniture Shop Dog will be your QIC.

Thank you Goodfella for taking us out.

Have a great week brothers,


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