Brothers in Sweat

Brothers in Sweat

The Pineville Police lot filled up quickly forcing many to search for auxiliary space far afield. A quick disclaimer was delivered and we commenced a slow little baby jog to pick up the scattered Pax. Once united, we circled up for COP.

Side-straddle hops x 20
Imperial walkers x 15
Low, slow squats x 10
Mountain climber x 10
Merkins x 5
Peter Parker x 10
Merkins x 5
Parker Peter x 10
Merkins x 5

The Thang
We shuttled over to the far lot for a trio or partner laps
10 partner slap merkins, run to end of lot, 10 partner slap merkins
10 partner sit-ups, run to end of lot, 10 partner sit-ups
10 partner slap burpees, run to end of lot, 10 partner burpees “slap on the clap” (trademarked)

Scoot to the picnic shelter
Partner up (someone new)
P1 20 dips, P2 Derkins until P1 is done
x 3

Stopping at each parking peninsula
5 burpees
10 Lunges (each leg)
15 Imperial walkers
20 Merkins
25 Plank jacks
Rinse & repeat

Back of the legs breakdown
50 Calf raises
20 baby makers (glute march on the curb)
Rinse and repeat

(groups of 3)
P1 Maktar N’Daye, bomb jacks
P2 Heels to Heaven, American hammer

On your six, draw out in big capital letters the alphabet. (Some started singing the alphabet song, others just laid there.)

Time’s still on the clock, so…
Shoulder taps + Merkin x 10

In tribute

Low miles, but a full-body workout was complete, but that’s not why we were here today. F3 is more than a workout. It’s an outlet for men to come together to get stronger. When we start our F3 journey strength is about push-ups and race times. But strength is more mental than physical, it’s more communal than individual. Strength is pushing through pain. Strength is discipline. Strength is the ability to ability ask for help. Strength is service. Thank you to all those who came out to support Dumpster Fire and a tribute to his amazing brother.

Thomas Maxim
– Marine
– Graduate
– Lawyer
– Public defender, guardian of children
– Brother

Please consider giving to the Memorial Fund. (search for “Maxim, Tom Memorial Fund” in the list of options)


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UdderPosted on4:07 pm - Jun 18, 2018

Addtional Pax – Chopper, Paper Jam, Lt. Dan, Soft Pretzel, No Show, Choppers Nephew?? and 8 others? Sound off in comments if you remember someone who was not mentioned. Great lead WT.

UdderPosted on4:33 pm - Jun 18, 2018

Cheddar, das boot and rock thrill

Dumpster FirePosted on5:45 pm - Jun 18, 2018

Thanks to all of you who posted this morning. It meant a lot to me.

If you can at all, please help me honor Tom’s legacy through his memorial fund. Not much, whatever you are led to do. We’d love to write as many people as possible to thank them for affirming the power and impact of Tom’s life through their donation.

Tom’s Memorial Fund is how he lives on, and as time goes on it has become more important to me as a statement for everything good about Tom’s heart for community.

I’m not chasing a dollar figure, but I AM chasing hand cramps from the countless letters we hope to write thanking you.

LINK: (search for “Maxim, Tom Memorial Fund” in the list of options).

He was and is my brother. I still want the best for him…and I want to do my best to that end. Love you all.

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