Fast Twitch goes Lakeside

Fast Twitch goes Lakeside

12 men were there for the whole workout. 14 including the scheduled Q were there at the end. Unusual day, but in the end we still got miles and hills. Which is what we all wanted anyway.

The Thang

Mosey out of Latin taking a right on Raintree. Cross over Providence, then left down Providence. Stop at Lakeside Drive. COP of 15 SSH and 15 LSS in cadence. Instructions, run to the end of Lakeside Drive for 10 jump squats. Run back to the start for 10 Merkins. Repeat until 6:10. Head back to the launch at Latin. Done. Sounds easy enough. It was not.


As was mentioned earlier, today was a tad unusual. The scheduled Q Frasier was MIA. Not sure what happened. He was there toward the end of the workout though. Luckily, or maybe not so lucky for the pax, YHC had a workout in the chamber ready to go. And it just so happened that Frasier had sent out the message the day before to bring headlamps. They were needed as Lakeside has a couple of very dark spots.  There was another late entry, then exit, then entry. A pax named Toxic. YHC has never met him before. He saw us running and thought we were Hawks Nest. We welcomed him to join, but he was looking for the boot camp so we sent him to Latin. Apparently he couldn’t find them after some time so he came back and finished up with Fast Twitch.

Good work today everyone. Hopefully the impromptu Q still provided that which you were looking.


Friday 5/11 is FNG day at Cerberus. Bring a FNG or someone who hasn’t posted in a while.

Friday 5/11 is the beer mile. It will be at 6:30 at South Charlotte Middle School. Sounds fun to watch.

Saturday 5/26 is the annual Memorial Day convergence at Rock Zero. Led by Purple Haze, Prohibition, and YHC. It will be a great workout that will also incorporate the reading of citations for heroes killed during combat. That last part will help you get your mind right.

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HopsPosted on2:29 pm - May 8, 2018

Toxic Asset hadn’t posted in years. A Kotters in a big way…and then he jumps in and does FT. Outstanding! Hope he comes back….but for one or the other. He seemed a bit delirious, so we’ll remind him of launch times, AO’s, etc.
As for Rachel’s substi-Q…so much for the hands not touching the ground. Good for you! Saw Frasier flying up Raintree Ln towards Providence as we pulled in for Hawk’s Nest. Good recon ahead of time….
Love the COT’s at 35’ish or more. Great 2nd F after the downpainments.

GummyPosted on2:56 pm - May 8, 2018

Ugh. Another killer version of the best worst hour in Area 51. The new launch spot has opened up some truly terrible stuff.

– Nice work by Toxic. He mumbled something about another hill off of Lakeside, but let’s not talk about that again.
– I’d like to welcome Margo to the SSH-refusenik club. Our numbers are growing. Join while you still have an achilles tendon.
– On the first lap I was only 25 yards or so behind Purell and Rachel when we got to the end, and I ran with Alf for some of it. I thought I must be getting pretty fast. Turns out they were just chatting; they turned it on in the later laps and put me back in my place.
– Shout out to my fellow back-of-the-pack runners, Pop Tart and Ductwork. We need more 8-9 minute pace runners out there to keep the gazelles from taking over. Purple Haze has almost completed the jump to the fast guys.

Cheese CurdPosted on5:52 pm - May 8, 2018

Gummy…M took today from me, otherwise I would have been there.

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