SubstiQ at Impromptu

SubstiQ at Impromptu

21 PAX made there way out to Impromptu for a late SubstiQ workout as Transporter was either:

a) Locked in outhouse by buses

b) Locked out of outhouse by buses and back home

c) Unavailable due to travel

Either way it was my turn to lead another round this week at Cuthberston.



Mosey down to outhouse by bus and circle up

  • SSH
  • Potato Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins


First Triple Nickel over by Football Stadium. 

  • At bottom do 5 x merkins and at top do 5 x supines.  Complete 5 sets and then Mary waiting on the six
  • Mosey to gate to football field – found to be locked.  Made decision based on seeing Pax ability to jump 4 foot fence during Mad Dog VQ, that this would not be wise to do with a 8 ft fence.  Instead mosey back to top and perform 30 squats along fence while waiting on the six

2nd Triple Nickel (Is it still a nickle if we up reps to 20?) over by wood benches and entrance of school

  • At benches do 20 x  dips and entrance of school do 20 x step ups.  Complete 5 sets and then Mary waiting on the six

Animal Walks around the triangle

  • Break up into 3 groups each at one of the points of the triangle.  Begin with 5 merkins and then perform said animal walk/crawl to next point and do 5 merkins.  Continue until you have completed 3 rounds.  Animal walks consisted of – Bear Crawl, Duck Walk, and Crab Walk
  • In same 3 groups do 2 more rounds except do each animal walk backwards.

Mosey to other entrance way by steps.  Attempt to do 10 x Prisoner Get Ups (standup from laying flat on ground with no hands) then go to stairs and do merkins sideways down stairs flapjack once reaching middle landing pad.

Final mosey back to start and Fin.


  • Good to see Foley thawed out since his last venture out in the gloom and was ready to work
  • Deflated with the correction on backwards crab that is standard walk for them, so proceeded with person walk
  • Great message provided by Posse at COT – reminding PAX to lean on your brothers and open up with them.  Be willing to share both the good/bad.  You will be surprised by the support group you will find among these men


  • Happy Hour tonight 7:30 at Dreamchasers brewery in Downtown Waxhaw.  Be sure to come out and join in some 2nd F and who knows you may just receive a coveted 3FF33  award.
  • SOB Christmas Party 12/16 be sure to sign up – see pre blast on website for details
  • Ball Pit shirts order closing or already closed today (check with Moneyball for details)


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