2022 Passport Challenge

  • When:01/01/2022
  • QIC: War Eagle, Cheese Curd, Das Boot

2022 Passport Challenge

Passport Challenge 2022

As you read this you are probably either a) eating holiday snacks and maybe having a holiday libation or b) thinking about holiday snacks and maybe a holiday libation.  Well PAX, enjoy the next two weeks because come January 1st Area 51/SOB/Waxhaw are here to help you flip that switch.  With the New Year comes a new Passport Challenge and for the months of January and February it’s time to step it up.

For those unfamiliar with the Passport Challenge the concept is simple.  Attend as many different AO’s, 2nd F events and 3rd F events within the Area 51, SOB and Waxhaw regions as possible.  You can only stamp your passport for hitting an individual site or event once so the goal is to get out there and visit as many different ones as you can over two months.  See this link for the wrap up of the 2020 Passport Challenge.  https://f3southcharlotte.com/2021/01/04/2020-passport-challenge-wrap-up/

A link will be posted regularly to Slack where you can add your name to the tracking spreadsheet.  Each time you post at a different AO or 2nd F or 3rd F event add the date that you hit that site.  At the end we will tally up who did the most damage and will be crowned the Passport Challenge 2022 Winner.  As the winner you will win custom dog tags stamped with your F3 name and join an illustrious list of winners:

2018 – Mighty Mite

2020 – Das Boot

Ask either of these guys but the title Passport Challenge Winner forever changed their lives.  They no longer wait in lines at restaurants and get seated immediately.  Grocery stores regularly give them the, “this order’s on us” when they check out.  Life changing stuff.


So enjoy the holiday season but go ahead and get your name on the Passport Challenge spreadsheet.  When 2022 kicks off it is time to kick your posting into another gear.

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1 year ago

[…] win a sweet pair of dog tags (and regional bragging rights). A more fulsome pre-blast can be found here and you can sign up […]

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