Was It Everything You Expected?

Was It Everything You Expected?

7 Pax ignored the fart sack on a chilly, rainy morning that would have been an easy morning to mail it in.  Instead they did the opposite and manned up for another edition of The Brave.  To follow is a written history of what transpired.

The Thing:

Full disclaimer and off towards 521.  Stopped at Ballantyne Corp Drive and into the first parking garage for COP consisting of SSH, potato picker, hillbilly, mtn climbers and stretching.  Frehley’s noted that we passed several dry parking decks on the way to this one.  True…and to further go against Frehley’s desires to not get wet YHC explained that we would not be staying at said parking deck but to remember it for later.

The group continued down Ballantyne Corp Dr with instructions to stop at Campbells building at the bottom of Bagpipe Hill.  In addition, we were stopping at every cut into a parking lot for 10 merkins, starting with wide arm then regular then diamond.  Keep this cycle going until reaching the bottom of the hill.  Cut over to the fitness trail and partner up.  P1 runs one direction to pull up bars and P2 heads the other direction to the other set of pull up bars.  10 pull ups each and then meet in the middle for 10 should taps (R+L = 1).  Then flapjack and head to the other set of pull up bars and continue for 6 rounds altogether.

Head back to the parking deck where we did COP (I said to remember if for later) stopping for rotations of 20 LBC’s or 20 heels to heaven at each cut into a parking lot.  At the parking deck YHC called for parking deck suicides.  Run up the first level for 10 Carolina Dry Docks and 20 monkey humpers.  Then down the stairs and up to Level 2 for 10 CDD’s and 20 MH’s.   We were not able to get the whole deck in before time to head back to launch.


Great work out there as we got somewhere between 4.4 and 4.8 miles in with a heavy dose of upper body work in as well.  It can be tricky getting the workout portion in at The Brave AND hit the 4 mile minimum but pull ups are the great equalizer.  It was a rainy morning, which we have not had many of around here lately, but the group put in the work.  I really had no idea what to title this backblast until I went back and listened to my COT recording and the first thing said was Midriff asking “Was it everything that you expected?”  I can’t remember what context it was said in but I think that he was asking Odd Job since it was his first Brave workout.  Speaking of Odd Job, that guy is crushing it and getting in wedding shape.  Happy Meal with the overacheiver award pre-running the Brave for 2 miles….impressive!  Frehley’s may be mostly a kettlebell swinging meathead but he can still get down and dirty with the bootcampers for 4 miles like it is his day job.  Good to see Teddy back out.  Always good to catch up.  Speaking of getting back out, welcome back Fire Hazard.  Obviously you have not been sitting around doing nothing seeing as you led the pack the whole morning.  And Midriff of course was right up there with him.


  • A51 Holiday Part 12/16 at Candlewyck.  It is called A51 party but it’s a South Charlotte party.
  • Deck the Halls 12/17. Special start time of 5:15 for The Brave so that we can hit all 10 decks while staying together.  Coffeeteria and cookies to follow, and who doesn’t like coffee and cookies at 6:30 in the morning?
  • Feliz Navidad Christmas Eve bootcamp hosted by Taco Stand at the green at Rea Farms (behind Improper Pig).
  • Reach out to any guys that you have not seen in a while.  Sometimes this time of year may not be as festive for some guys as others so let’s look out for our brothers.

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