A Timely Workout

A Timely Workout

6 Pax joined YHC for a half a baker’s dozen at this week’s installment of DaVinci to make 7.  YHC was at launch early because of the setup required for this workout and lo and behold Teddy got there early as well.  This was great to get a chance to catch up with Theodore.  YHC wondered if his watch was off because C3PO rolled in before 6:30.  Double checked with others and nope, my watch was correct at 6:28.  It was a veteran crew so YHC gave a disclaimer, ensured that he had his cell phone on him and off we headed.  Found a parking lot in Blakeney for some COP of Steve Earle’s, IW’s, potato pickers and low slow merkins.  Apparently Steve Earle’s are not common in the Exicon yet because Loogie questioned what exercises have been added since he became a Hemingway clone hanging at the beach all the time.  Side Saddle Hops were intentionally left out as you will find out why later.

The Thang

Moseyed to the corner of TCBY and McAlisters where I let the veteran crew know that we would be doing one of YHC’s favorite workouts, the Clock Workout.  This workout is great because it keeps the group moving constantly and you can either push yourself hard, get it done but also catch up with the other Pax or a combination of both.  For those uninitiated into the clock workout the way it works is you start at a central point.  Run to 1:00 which is a cone preset by YHC with an exercise noted.  Perform said exercise then run back to the center point. Then run to 2:00 and perform the listed exercise, so on and so on.  You basically work yourself around the whole parking lot area with 12:00 being the last exercise. Below are the exercises:

1:00 = 10 burpees

2:00 = 20 donkey kicks

3:00 = 30 Carolina Dry Docks

4:00 = 40 big boy situps

5:00 = 50 merkins

6:00 = 60 monkey humpers

7:00 = 70 plank jacks

8:00 = up the stairs over and back down then 10 squats x 8

9:00 = 90 dips

10:00 = 100 calve raises on the curb

11:00 = 110 side straddle hops (see I told you there was a reason there was we did not do them in COP)

12:00 = 120 LBC’s


Soft Pretzel crushed the workout and planked when he was done.  Great call to plank and do 5 merkins as each Pax finished the clock.  Once everyone was in we counted off and then ran to grab the corresponding cone and exercise paper so that YHC did not have to later.  Mosey back to launch just as the clock hit 7:30.


Thine Moleskine:

A lot of fun out there this morning with the veteran crew.  I felt like I got to catch up with everyone at some point but yet when it was all said and done I was exhausted and sweating like a flying pig (or some version of a figure of speech).  Das Boot noted in the COT that this was a “timely” workout.  It took us all a while to get the pun.  It was not until I got home that I felt like the guy from “Northern Exposure” when he was hosting SNL and did a skit where he did not think about funny responses until after the fact.  He said the funny responses way after the fact when they did not make sense.  Luckily he had a time machine and went back in time and was able to say the funny responses at the exact right time.  I wish that I had that time machine to say “It took all of us a “second” to get that Das Boot but we have to “hand” it to you, that was on time”.

Thanks Midriff for the reminder to go over the mission of F3.  With all the noise in the world today it is important to block the nonsense out and remember that we are working out for a greater purpose to better ourselves but also become leaders and better fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, etc.


  • Blood Drive 10/29 in Matthews Town Hall
  • ImpactLocal 5K/10K on 12/4 with “Couch to 5K” program leading up to the race
  • Holiday party 11/19 at Old Meck
  • Beer Mile on 10/15; see the #beermile channel on Slack for more details


Thanks Midriff and Soft Pretzel for the opportunity to lead.



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