Easy on the mileage not on the lights

Easy on the mileage not on the lights

Screaming in on two wheels and timed perfectly for a 529 disclaimer and 530 launch, great crowd as usual and Doughboy was super excited I was on Q.  As usual start with a solid mosey.

WU: Mosey to the stop sign, head back, typical rounds of SSH, merkins,  stretches and then the fun begins

The thang:  Hit every light on the parameter of the campus start to finish.  broken by 4 sections and instructions to pick up the six when done.  1 section,  Merkins, speed skaters and something else (im getting old) 10 each .  Second section Carolina DD’s, Big Boys and squats, 10 each.  3rd Section, burpees 10,9,8…. 4th.  Plank jacks and finish with some mary.

Moleskin:  Surge is a machine!  pushes himself,  Falcon is working his way up the pax,  great to see Maple, clearly he worked.  Rockwell is a force of positivity, recalc always gets a fun jab in.   Great to see Ruckin in the crew with Chatter pushing himself,   although I am very disappointed in the naming.  Chatterbox and Motormouth  duh!   I’ve never been great at Naming FNG’s but you missed the boat on that one. Popeye continues to show grit with the no quit attitude, while Mad Dog loved the burpees he showed he was there to work as well.

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