Just when I thought they couldn’t get any…..

Just when I thought they couldn’t get any…..

Swimmers and EE launched an new site…ASPEN… and just when I thought they couldn’t get any dumber, they go and totally redeem themselves.  This site is great! Great location, great grounds and great pax!   Although, I didn’t explore at all today I look forward to future beat downs to expand in this awesome site.

WU: We did stuff

The thang:  10 light poles.  Merkin shredders at each starting at 10, 9,8 etc.. Mosey to the front of the school partner work one does exercise while other does loop.  Two rounds of stuff ( I forgot what we did).

Moleskin:  Saw work by all but special call out to Loafer,  the dude is getting faster!  He keeps this up he’s going to give Chastain a run for his money!  Great to see HairBand and EE as well as some new faces to add to the mix.  Welcome Hokey Poky to FC

Looking forward to more posts a this AO!

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