Ole School

Ole School

The morning was very reminiscent of ole school days.  Some coupons, a hungry group of men and a rough game plan.

WU:  Mosey around the lot,  SSH, Stretches, Merkins and something else

The Thang:  Bring your cinder block,  mosey over to chiseled hill and set team for variations of swings,  smashballs, squats,  upright rows and deadlifts.  All exercises were quantity based while one person did an exercise on the other side of mt. chiseled and one person was the traveler that carried the block and stopped and did a burpee along the way.


Moleskin: Again, it was very reminiscent of the ole Waddington days of Commitment.  Variation of exercises and groaning made for a good resistance work out.  Not as much running and more grinding.  The thing that makes these work outs different is the fact it is more of a mental game and you have to commit to the work,  running around is slightly different,  there is always somebody faster and you have to push yourself to keep up.  In coupon world you have to decide if you are going to to do the work and I saw it.  Elmer’s was sweating like crazy. Schnider, rather Draper, was not shy of the work either.  I remain impressed on Ex-Lax,  he is committed and shows a no quit attitude,  it was Chatterbox’s 5th work out in 2.5 Days.  Everyone else showed up to work and it was an honor to lead.

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