Would you take out a kid for a Strava segment?

Would you take out a kid for a Strava segment?

Ahh, the age old question…. what you would do for a segment?

Some have run red lights, cut corners, ridden on a bike or in a car, had someone else wear their watch, even paid off Strava developers (you know who you are)

Today we would find out.


When BC asked me 24 hours ago to Q the infamously sweltering Afternoon Delight it was a no brainer….


There are two Strava segments at Dogwood Park.  One is only 1/3 of a mile around the lake so I decided to basically build the entire 30 min workout around that segment….

So we started out with a nice mosey along the trail to the lake to warm up, then some warm up stretches, SSH, Imperial Walkers, you know my playbook

After Warmup:

Bear Crawl across the splintery hot wooden bridge in front of kids

Then mosey with stops for Merkins and Big boys until the other bridge.  There was a landscape guy that was getting annoyed at this point because he was trying to blow the path and wanted us to pass but we kept stopping for exercises.

Time for the MAIN event.  We were primed, we were warm, and we were ready to run the segment

Basically it’s a lap around the lake.  Starts with an uphill, then down hill by the dock area where every little kid and their mom hangs out in the path.  Could we dodge the bogies and not flatten any children in the process?

Everyone did great, Easy Button rigged the segment thanks to his developer friends killed the segment and took the crown

A few pax’s times didn’t seem to register correctly

Baio doesn’t have Strava.  When it was brought up:

The rest of the pax being made to run a segment in blazing hot conditions dodging children:

Next we moved on to some rock work with short runs between sets of Curls, Shoulder press, chest press, triceps while Easy Buttons neighbor hung around to watch

Off to the benches for some dips on our way to the stairs

5 burpees at the bottom, run up the hill or stairs, 5 big boys, run to wall for 5 mike tysons, back to top of hill/stairs for 5 big boys.  Rinse and repeat for 3 laps

Finish with a mosey up the path to the shade for some Hammers and H2H the last 2 minutes



Great job today everyone

Easy killed the segment

Raven was not far behind even though Strava didn’t pick him up

Cobbler was moving around the lake faster than I’ve seen him move in a while, great job.

Welcome Thanos – Came back to the gloom after a 4 year hiatus and with a last name Marvel was rewarded with… Thanos.  Strong work today

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