1st Annual F3 Waxhaw Cookout

  • When:10/03/2021
  • QIC: Fuse Box & Others

1st Annual F3 Waxhaw Cookout

When: Sunday, October 3rd.  4:00 – 6:30 (Floating)

Where: Five Stones Church Parking Lot

Why: Because we need more 2nd F

Who: All F3 Pax and their families – yes 2.0’s and M’s included.


I’ve been wrestling with how to get us back (yes back) to being a close knit region.  Our expansion has been great but it’s been at the sacrifice of our 2nd F.  So with that, I bring you what I hope will become an annual tradition – a Fall Family Cookout.  This is a chance for not only fellowship among pax, but the entire family.  You M can finally come see what a Posse is.  Your 2.0’s can come see what Bottle Cap’s tennis arms really look like.  And we can all verify that Twinkle Toes does in fact have a wife and its just his F3 name that is effeminate.

So what can you expect?  Well if I can pull together what’s in my head, there will be:

  • Live Music
  • A TV showing Sunday NFL Games
  • Food: On site grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and chips.  Pax will be asked to Bring Your Own Beverage.  I’m asking that this NOT be an alcohol event due to Church grounds (but if its in a cup and I don’t know about it then what can I do).
  • 2.0 games.  There has been talk about a nerf war capture the flag event.  Kick ball and whiffle ball was also discussed (I heard Paper Jam really wants to volunteer to run the whiffle ball game).
  • Lots of 2nd F


How can you help you ask?  Awesome, because I’m going to need a lot of help to make this work.  I need:

  • Someone to take lead on bringing a TV and streaming NFL game(s)
  • A portable grill to cook hot dogs and hamburgers on.  Charcoal or gas.  Mine is too large to drag over.
  • A couple of tables (2-3).  Maybe some chars too, but I’m going to ask families to bring own chairs as well.
  • Someone willing to step up to lead the 2.0 games
  • Someone to step up to lead the 2nd F – not just between pax but also with wives.  If your really good at mingling at parties, then I need you to make the rounds to make wives and kids feel welcomed and get pax out of their comfort zone in talking with different pax.
  • Set up and Clean up volunteers.  As always, we must leave the site better than we found it.
  • And I’m sure there is more that I’m not even thinking about.


A sign up genius will go out later this week, but don’t wait to come find me if you want to help.   We will also need a rough count for food purposes so be on the lookout for a calendar invite in Group Me later this week as well.

I hope this excites the pax as much as it does me.  I hope this is a well attended event.  Be on the look out for more details soon, but go ahead and start spreading the word!

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