The Great Bambino’s VQ

The Great Bambino’s VQ

I’m approaching 4 years in F3 and my daughter had been wanting to join me at F3 workouts for awhile.  I gave her a shot at a Clyent Dinner led by Zinfandel about a year and a half ago.  She hung for the first 10 minutes then quickly fell off.  Luckily we had the M close by just in case and she swooped in for the rescue.  Fast forward to this late winter/early spring my daughter started seeing more and more kids in the family photo at the Appetizer and wanted to give it another try (See, FOMO works!).  So we started going…and she loved it.  Maybe it was because Rae View is a smaller campus….or maybe because at the time there were tons of 2.0’s….whatever it was…she was hooked.   After I lead at workout there, she told me on the way home she wanted to lead the warm up portion next time I led one.  I made a deal with her that she plan out an entire Q, and if she got stuck, scared, or was just done…she could throw it over to me.  Well…then Softball season hit and derailed our plans for about 5 months….but alas, with softball season over and C3P0 calling for a Q, we jumped at the opportunity.  My daughter quickly went into planning mode…I reviewed the winkie and only gave her two pieces of criticism ….its not long enough, and there’s too many burpees. She adjusted…and here we go.


DiCCS give by me (we forgot to review that part. D’oh!).



Mosey to the grass.

  • 10 Burpees (Really?!!!)
  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Rocking Night Clubs (Just for you Ghosted)
  • Jimmy Duggans


Mosey back to the front of the school for three rounds of:

  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 Donkey Kicks
  • 40 Wall Sit Air Presses.

Now that we are all completely exhausted (and drenched) we moseyed to the basketball courts where two balls were waiting for us.  Split up into teams: kids vs Dads.  Dads take a hot lap while kids try and score as many points as they can with a standard basketball.  Flip flop once dads return with dads trying to score except they are using a 20 pound medicine ball.  Loser does the point difference in burpees.  Results were:

Kids did 5 burpees

Kids did 1 Burpess

Dads did 4 burpees (I might have sandbagged us to allow the kids a win)


Short Mosey to swings.  Dads do swing supines while kids do 50 LBCS.  Switch until everyone has gone 3 rounds each.

Back to the basketball courts for suicides for the dads while kids try and score (with dads blocking shots and stealing balls as we pass).

Mosey to Rock Pile for Simon Says with Rocks.  Burpee penalty if you do something Simon doesn’t say.  There were Curls, Presses, Squats, and Tricep extensions mixed in.

Short mosey back to COT where the kids took turns leading us in excercises.  Big Boys, Heels to Heaven, Freddy Mercury’s, Calf Stretch (thank you Mona Lisa), SSH’s, LBC, Lunges, and Big Boys again.  6:15…We’re Done!



  • A great VQ by any standards, but the fact that it was a VQ by an 8 year old makes it down right impressive.  She was loud with her counting, confident in the exercises she called, and called proper F3 counting techniques (Next exercise is Merkins, on my down, get into starting position, and begin).   I was actually quite impressed with her counting as we didn’t work on that too much.  Great job Great Bambino!
  • Welcome out Taco Tuesday!  Natalie is War Eagles youngest (I think) daughter.  She said her favorite foot was Taco’s…and it was Tuesday…so there it is: Taco Tuesday.  Great job on your first time out.
  • High Hat was there and yelling at kids as usual (that’s only half way a joke), but he expects the best out of the kids and pushes them to work harder.
  • Rock and Bambino apparently were the basketball stars today.  Great job Rock.
  • Mona Lisa came out to support her friend and drug her sister Little Biker Girl along.
  • Somehow Mulligan keeps dragging his dad out, even after giving him a name so bad that we allowed him a name change.  Poor Redacted.  Great job today guys.
  • Posse whipped in on two wheels for the last 7 minutes.  Hops out of his car in work clothes to help us finish out the circle of pain.  Anyone who jumps out in work clothes ready to workout gets credit in my book.  Thanks for coming out to support my daughter!

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