IPC Lite at Commitment

IPC Lite at Commitment

No that’s not a #FusedIt.  I went with the Miller Lite spelling on IPC Lite.  At COT last week at Commitment they announced Commitment was staying open opposite of the IPC site and needed Q’s.   I joked that if asked I would just run a second IPC.  Little did I know I would be tested so soon when both JWoww and Popeye reach out mid week looking for a Q.

6 guys in the lot when the watch struck 6:30.  We would pick up another 3 along the way.



Off we go with a mosey up the hill past the Elementary school to the main road.  As we reach the top, we see Rudy pulling in on two wheels.  Some Jimmy Duggans to allow Rudy time to park.  Run back down the hill with Chainsaw audibly contemplating if once we get Rudy will we have to go back up the hill.  That’s an affirmative.  Lucky for us, Rudy was booking and was north of the Elementary School by the time we caught up with him and we turned back up the hill.   I granted the pax a second breather with some calf stretches.  Mosey backways to the school through the bus lot and to the front entrance.



IPC Lite.  Partner up.

  • Share 100 merkins and run a full parking lot lap.
  • Share 75 merkins and run 2 laps.  (This is where Atlas and Judge Smails join us).
  • Share 50 merkins and run 3 laps (it was around lap three that I started questioning if this was a good idea).
  • Share 25 merkins and run 4 laps.

Ended with most everyone doing 125 merkins and 2.9 miles with 30 minutes left to go in the workout.  Yikes, we are damn near a 6 mile pace.  Lets slow this thing down.

Mosey to Bus Parking lot for station work.  Same Partners.   Stations were:

  • Supines on the swing
  • Pull Ups
  • LBCS at other end of the parking lot
  • Runners used to rotate stations

We did 3 rounds.

Mosey to the rock pile (the long way).  Everyone grab a rock for a partnered version of make it stop (trademark Chastain).  Partners to split 150 curls and 150 tricep extensions.   1 partner starts with curls while the other starts with extensions.  Once one partner stops or needs a break, you switch exercises and pick up where the other one left off on counting.  It was a crowd pleaser.

Rocks up and mosey to COT.  Arrived with less than a minute left so we finished up with 16 low slow squats.



  • Chainsaw was not happy about having to run up the hill a second time.
  • Rudy pushing even with an injury.  Glad to hear surgery is not in store but lots of modifying will be done on upper body exercises so don’t be a dick and give him a hard time…or do.
  • TB nursing a continuing hurt foot, but still showing up
  • Atlas and Judge Smails conveniently showed up just as we finished the 100 shared merkins (I assume the were the only ones at Blackhawk).
  • Mad Dog was the ever consummate partner allowing me to bitch enough to make me feel good while still pushing me to work harder.
  • Twinkle and JWoww leading the pack in the runs (and trash talking the Q)
  • I did too good of a job of slowing our pace down as we were at 2.9 miles midway through and finished with 3.6 miles.



  • Prayers to Chainsaw’s niece who is battling stage 4 breast cancer
  • Waxhaw 2 year anniversary this Monday.  Holiday Hours – 6:30 start.  Part in Cuthbertson HIGH SCHOOL drivers ed lot.  Multiple options – bootcamps, 5K, and Mash.  Coffeteria afterwards.  EH a friend/neighbor/coworker to join us.  Its a great time for an FNG to test the waters.
  • F3 Waxhaw 1st Annual Cookout.  Sunday Oct. 3 at Five Stones from 4:00 to 6:30.  Open to all F3 Pax and their families (2.0’s and wives).  We have secured Kid Rocks kick ass tailgating trailer.  He will handle the NFL Games and cooking.  The F3 Band will be there playing and there will be games for the kids.
    • Still looking for volunteers: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0549A4AC2EA0F94-f3waxhaw1
  • Twinkle Toes has Commitment next week which also happens to the the 20th anniversary of Sept 11.

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