Double Sided Hill

Double Sided Hill

Light crowd today at Asylum.  We started with 4, dropped one 10 steps into the run, and then picked another one up half way into the warm up.



Mosey to Payless Shoes Parking Lot.  I was quickly corrected by Turnbuckle that it was a Rack Room (I guess he was going to attempt to take Posse’s place as the gnat in my ear on this mornings workout).   Circle back for the 6 and get out of the way of Mad Dog coming in on two wheels.  Had planned for a light Warm up but decided to extend it to give Mad Dog time to catch up.

  • Jimmy Duggan with lefts, rights, and leans mixed in.
  • Calf Stretch
  • Merkins on my up and down (so we could hold at the bottom)

Mad Dog arrives and off we go towards the neighborhood (the back way).



Asylum has a couple hill options in the Wesley Oaks Neighborhood.  Most hills we do are just an up, but I knew of one particular hill that would allow for an up and down and an up again.  One hill allowed for an incline with a longer climb while the other hill was shorter but a steeper incline.  Start in the cul de sac and do 10 In/Outs.  At the peak of the longer hill do 10 Carolina Dry Docks.  At bottom of next hill do 10 In/Outs.  So basically at the bottoms do In/Outs and at the peak do Dry Docks.   Clear as Mud?  Do that 5 times.

Recovered at the bottom of the steeper Hill to finish with the 6 then all you got to the top.

Mosey towards the back entrance to Target for more hill work.  10 Baryshnikov’s at the bottom and 10 more at the top of the hill.  A backwards run halfway up the hill with an all you got the rest of the way.  Jog back down the hill.  Repeat 3 times.

Target parking lot for 4 quarters (the overly used by me Jog, run, sprint, walk/recover thing).  We didn’t have time for overtime today.  Thanks to By Pass for keeping me honest and calling exercises while we waited on the 6.

Short Mosey to pick up the 6 then did 10 more Merkins on both my down and up.

Mosey to COT and had less than a minute.  Merkins until time.  I think most got 15 merkins in.



  • Small crowd and not much mumble chatter so instead of recapping I will leave you with some of the Q Bites discussion.  Shop Led us on a discussion on Everyday Leadership.  Here is the video if your interest.  Its short (like 6 minutes)
  • Lots of good discussion around not only the small leadership opportunities we can do daily, but also a discussion around circling back to those people in your lives that have been impactful.  Tell them the impact they have had on you and thank them for their effort.  Often times we don’t know the impact we have on people.  When you are at Christ Closet helping load a bed into a truck, it may be a little girls first bed.   When you are coaching a kid, you may be planting a seed that takes hold in that child’s life for years.  When you check in with a pax, you may be a light to a person that is going through some dark times.  Every day leadership.  Its small things that can reap big results…maybe results you never even know about.



  • Christ Closet is doing a furniture give away this weekend.  They need help bring furniture out of the house and loading it into peoples cars.  Right after the workout on Saturday.
    • There will be another Christ Closet opportunity the next weekend with a big furniture pick up in Pineville.

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