Two Years with F3 or It’s Not My Birthday

  • When:10/25/14
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Heartbreaker, Peaches, Brisket, Pointman, Madame Tussaud, Strawberry, Floorslapper, Mic Check, Chipotle, Mr. Bean, Madd Hatter (FNG Scott), Outback, Big Tuna, Lex Luthor, Patch Adams, Puppy Love, Market Timer, Pulled Pork, Lugie, Dolphin (QIC)

Two Years with F3 or It’s Not My Birthday

Aye! 20 strong brothers came out to Stonehenge in the early morning gloom. YHC was celebrating two years with F3, although many pax were convinced it was my birthday. We had a great group and enjoyed our workout in the cooler gloom.

The Thang

Run to Medical Lot for COP

– Squats x 24
– LBC x 4
– SSH x 24
– Dolly x 24
– Imperial Walker x 24
– Rosalita x 24

Run to Medical Dock for People’s Chair
– People’s Chair x 2:00 with 24 OH Arm presses and 24 Forward Arm Presses
– Botched attempt at People’s Chair while pax reciting Greek alphabet #fail

Run to adjacent parking lot for relays
Two Teams sprint to end, 10 Merkins, sprint back, 14 LBCs
– Waiting pax do squats while you wait

Mosey to adjacent parking area
Same teams as before
– Rolling Merkin relays down and back
Waiting pax do LBCs while you wait

Run to Field of Bulls for Mary and Merkins

– LBC x 14
– Merkins x 10
– Dolly x 10
– Diamond Merkins x 14
– Flutter x 14
– Merkins x 10
– Dying Cockroach x 10
– Diamond Merkins x 14

Mosey towards Loch Ness
Stopping for Jack Webb birthday wishes
– Merking/Arm Press combination, Double presses for each merkin
– Start with 1 Merkin and 2 Presses
– Up to 5/10 and ladder back down to 1/2

Run to knee wall at Loch Ness
– Dips x 24

Run to Wells Fargo lot for sprint relays
– Pax do any exercise while waiting

Back to lauch point
– Merkinorama until fail


– Welcome to FNG Scott (F3: Madd Hatter). Great job and we hope you’ll be back
– Chipotle vs. Lugie: these guys were in the anchor slot on all the realys and battled greatly. Solid work fells and it was fun to watch

– Thank to everyone in F3 for the past two years. It has been great getting to know the pax and F3 does a great job of discipling men and I am glad to be part of it.
– Check website for updated information on Joe Davis 5K, Thunder Road and other upcoming events
– Bring your shoes for the Sole Redemption project. Let’s really overwhelm CRM with our generosity.

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9 years ago

This has all the staples of a by-the-book #Wombfish beat down, minus the warm up lap around 485. Thanks for your willingness to serve the Pax as the Grandaddy of SOB site Qs (guess that technically makes Haggis Grandma).

9 years ago

Two years… congrats. And Dolphin’s first Q at Death Valley [many moons ago] still ranks as one of the “top five” memorable F3 experiences in my book. You were so amped up that you shot out of the parking lot at 0530 in a full-on sprint… down to the baseball field for some thrasher side straddle hops and intense cadence counting that left you pretty hoarse by about 0535. Classic stuff man. Now you are are a grizzled vet, leading men around the mean streets of B-tyne every Saturday morning at 0-dark-thirty.

See you in the gloom.

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