Twelve Days of Bah Humbug

  • When:12/13/14
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Brisket, Mic Check, Puppy Love (WD), Morning After, Outback, Mr. Bean, Camacho, Big Tuna, Lugie, Frehley's Comet, Fireman Ed, Haggis, Dolphin (QIC)

Twelve Days of Bah Humbug

Aye. 13 strong men came out in the early gloom to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas – Stonehenge style. It was an appropriate workout given that Saturday was literally 12 days from Christmas. Here is how it went down.

The Thang
– This year the “12 Days” workout was on the run, meaning the pax ran from point to point stopping for the various exercises.

– No proper COP, although I did suggest the pax stretch a bit before heading out.

Twelve Days of Bah Humbug:
– Day 1: one Dying Cockroach
– Day 2: two dozen Merkins
– Day 3: three Squats
– Day 4: four Mountain Climbers
– Day 5: five Burpees
– Day 6: six Lunges
– Day 7: seven LBCs
– Day 8: eight SSH
– Day 9: nine Dolly
– Day 10: ten Plank Jacks
– Day 11: eleven Imperial Walkers
– Day 12: twelve Carolina Drydocks

Running Route:
We ran to the various landmarks below and performed that “day” and all of the prior days. For example, on Day 5, we got to the top of Premier Deck and did Day 5, than days 4, 3, 2 and 1

Starting at Vine Parking Lot:
– to Stonehenge Landmark: Day 1
– to Ballantyne Corp intersection: Day 2
– to Level 1 of Premier Deck – Day 3
– to Level 3 of Premier Deck – Day 4
– to top of Premier Deck – Day 5
– down steps and to Johnston Bridge – Day 6
– to Field of Bulls – Day 7
– to Lending Tree lot – Day 8
– to ESPN/SEC Network sign – Day 9
– to Johnston Road intersection – Day 10
– to Ballantyne Medical sign – Day 11
– to Stonehenge Landmark – Day 12

Little baby jog to CVS lot then all you got back to launch point.


– Yikes, this was tough. Great job by all the pax. We literally never stopped moving and added LBCs while you wait until all pax reached a landmark.
– Some numbers: 3.5 miles running, 300 Merkins (including burpees), lots and lots of mumblechatter.

– Stonehenge will converge at Ascent (Olde Providence Elementary) on January 3. This is a great opportunity to bring an FNG with you. Note, workout time will be 7:00 AM.
– Check website for details on Joe Davis Memorial Run on January 10.

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7 years ago

Sorry i missed it. Fartsacked and ran 4 on my own. Looked good.

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