The mumblechatter was electric!

The mumblechatter was electric!

Five PAX headed to The Body Shop for a blessed break in the weather, doing some gloomy work before work.


Mosey up the main road

  • Imperial Walker
  • Moroccan Night Club
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Mountain climber

Mosey to the back of the school and grab a rock for…


Ladder of exercises:

  • 10 curls, then run a little up the parking lot
  • Squats 5x, Run back to start, 10 curls
  • Run, 5x squats, run father for 5x Superman, back to start for curls
  • Repeat exercises, run farther to 5x heels to heaven, back to start for curls
  • Repeat, run farther and do 5x Mike Tysons, return to start

Repeat for 10x switching curls for tricep extensions, 15x with curls and then do one full set of 20x that begins with 20x triceps and 20x curls

Return to COT for American Hammers.


No Q-jack this week and YHC kept control of the garage, though there was pre-refusal at the idea of going up to 25x Mike Tysons. The Panthers play tonight but the closest the conversation came to that was the upcoming App State game — and not a single PAX in attendance has any ties to App.

At some point early on the conversation went to electric vehicles. It became evident that none of the PAX present are ASE-certified mechanics or skilled electrical engineers, but it was agreed by all that fast, powerful cars are fun. One has a new Tesla which he is enjoying — though apparently his father is trying to guilt him into letting him have it — and one is now on the (expectedly long) waiting list for a Rivian SUV.

Kudos to McGee for making it out after IPC Week 3 and The Wobble. It’s good to see J-Woww making the trip up north for the second week in a row and we’re all excited for the day he rolls up with fart sounds for a horn. Great actors can cry on cue, Noonan can sweat on cue. As in, two minutes into a workout. And One Star was busting through curls like an SEC lineman bowling over an Ivy League D-line. He might have experience on one side of that.


  • Commitment is closed this Saturday for the Christ Closet giveaway
  • Go to the Christ’s Closet event in Monroe or volunteer Friday — it will be awesome
  • Waxhaw cookout on Sunday, October 2 4-6:30 PM at Five Stones
  • SOB Blood drive on October 29 in Matthews

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