PSA: Not all professions are the same

PSA: Not all professions are the same

10 PAX meet at Timekeeper after Swift and Bagpipe to continue discussing the current read: Range by David Epstein. Not to be confused with Theo Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein or Juan Epstein.

Good read so far with good discussion each week — applications for your career, raising children, not burying yourself in one track and not getting down if you aren’t quite where you expected. This chapter contained good words on breakthrough glitter, GameBoy and the eroticism box. (Betcha wish you were there for that one, huh?)

But the most important thing learned this week is that as often as you can you should you should never refer to Tiger Rag as an architect. YHC used the term architecture and and that was to close — he’s an engineer. Apparently, there’s a difference? I’ve never seen him driving a train.  After the red in those eyes, though, YHC will consider returning to TK in a couple of months.

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