Hydra Monster Second Sighting

Hydra Monster Second Sighting

Strong second showing of South Charlotte’s Thursday many headed monster workout Hydra. 27 men posted and YHC counted at least 7 pax who accepted the run/bike to workout option. Way to add some healthy cardio/mileage bookends to your hydra pain!

The Thang:

Donkey Kong Q:

Jog to rear parking lot of school

Imperial Walkers x 25

Side Straddle Hop x 30

Merkins x 13

Jog to rear field

20 Burpees on your own

Jack Webbs (1 Merkins/4 arm raises) – Ladder up to 6 and back down.

Flutter Kicks x 30  with 2 10-count holds

Divide into 2 groups:

Group 1 runs around the school while Group 2 does continuos sets of 10 Merkins, 20 LBC’s, and 10 Mountain Climbers (each leg) until all of Group 1 returns.

Flapjack – Group 2 runs around school while Group 1 does the exercise sets.

Partner up and jog to track.

Merkin-Bear Crawl Partner Chase – Partner 1 begins bear-crawling around track while Partner 2 does 10 merkins and runs up to relieve Partner 1, who begins doing Merkins. Flapjack until both partners complete 1 lap.

Plank while all finish: Right Arm/Leg, Left Arm/Leg, Elbows, Right Hand Balboa from Elbow Plank, Left Hand Balboa from  Elbow Plank.

Bugeater Q:

Jog to concessions, but not for ice cream.

Circuit Training Time. Three sets of Wall Jumps x 20, Dips x 25 dips, Burpees x 10

Jog to playground, but not for playtime.

Partner up and more circuit. Two sets of Old School Situps x 20, Pullups x 10 (assisted or unassisted), Decline Merkins X 20

Jog to Soccer Fields

1 50 yard sprint and back



-So far the workouts have been high motion, with circuit training, track/run drills, core work.

-Enos first week F3 with 3 straight workout days. Strong start brother!

-Birdhole memory lane as he announced he was a student at Olde Providence Elementary in the 1960’s – that is awesome! R-E-S-P-E-C-T

-Nice follow up to the run/bike to workout challenge from launch week.  This is now a standard Hydra challenge during the warmer months. Those living more than 1 mile away can meet at the Food Lion in Candlewyck and run 1 mile to OPE.

-Introduced the wall that OPE has to offer, called out to be higher than your standard wall. Nice burn on wall jumps (modified as step ups for some)

-No FNG’s but we did have some F3’ers from metro liking the proximity to their homes come to OPE.

-Great two week Hydra numbers (29 + 27)… let’s keep it up!


-2nd F. Pool Party – End of School/Start of Summer. June 8, 2013 6-9 PM. Candlewyck Pool/Clubhouse. Bring Dish/BYOB. M’s and 2.0’s welcome!

-3rd F.The Compass Fridays at 0630-0715 at Chick-Fila at the Arboretum. Stone Cold and Hops on Q.

-Prayers to the families of Matlock & Bulldog


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