Hydra – bring the gloom

Hydra – bring the gloom

15 PAX posted for a workout that was pre-blasted as “prepare for motion”. Recognizing it has stayed darker longer in recent mornings, the Fall gloom is lurking now and reminded YHC that soon we will begin and end our workouts in the sweet dark gloom as the summer light is fading. To that YHC says “Bring the Gloom”. And to add to the beauty of the gloom there was a light misty rain dropping on us as we started our paintourage.

Warm Up:

1 Lap around track

Merkins x 25

Mosey to field behind school for COP:

SSH x 25

Merkins x 20

MC x 20

Diamond Merkins x 10

IW x 20

Merkins x 20

The Thang:

Time for some Motion:

Indian Run to Harris Teeter (.75 miles)

Merkins x 50

Indian Run back to Olde Providence (.75 miles)

Total Mileage: 1.5 miles

Mosey to field behind school:

Merkins x 20

Plank-o-rama for 3 minutes while wait for all to return from run

Mosey to Concessions:

30 x Dips

20 x Jump Ups/Step Ups

10 x Burpees

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to Playground and Partner Up:

Old School Situps/Partner planks on feet x 25

Heels to Heaven x 30

Pull ups x 20

Rinse and Repeat

Mason Twist x 15

Mosey to Field behind School:

Sprint Field (50 yards) and Return

100 total yards

Circle Up


As promised, we moved. The PAX performed well under pressure. The Indian Run forces a good pace and the run from back to front sprint keeps the wheels turning at good clip. Nice job PAX. Way to go Philmont for pounding away and finishing strong!

There was some mumble chatter at the playground. YHC was accused of being too aggressive with the rep counts called out. I won’t name names (49er) but for those of us in mid-life form who are NOT built like long distance runners – some core work around the mid-section is needed.

There was also comic relief offered up by the PAX along the way and is the preferred method for pushing through the pain, as opposed to crying, whining, complaining, or anger. We actually had none of those but internally who knows what some of you are thinking. YHC thoughts are to stay positive and keep pushing.

Great group effort, great individual efforts and super to see new faces in the Hydra gloom. YHC actually recognized several folks from in and around OP neighborhood and Windyrush: Insomniac, Pudding Pop, Gordon Gecko – nice work and keep coming.

As usual, keep hydrating, modify where you have to, keep pushing, and keep coming back!

Strong send off by Iron Horse – respect and thank you!


1. New “Ascent” moderate intensity workout Saturdays 7 – 8 AM at Olde Providence Elementary

2. New 3rd F workouts – Wed & Fri mornings

3. HDHH (Hump Day Happy Hour) – Wednesdays at 6 – 7:30 PM – Arboretum @ Vintners Wine Market. Some of the PAX make break away for some fun and play elsewhere, but will always have landing spot. Some PAX went to Yo Yo Ma’s for cornhole games. All PAX welcome!


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10 years ago

Great Q this morning Bugeater – nice to have you back out in the Gloom at Hydra and nice to be back out after a few weeks of IR and being DR. Smoker as always. And T-claps to the PAX on the indian run – it was evident everyone was bringing it this morning. Tough to keep up. And 50 merkins as a way to catch our breath – nice one there.

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