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Ground Cover

32 pain seekers posted today at Kevlar for an old fashioned beatdown.  We covered as much ground at Kevlar as we could in 45 minutes and that was the plan.  Well done.

The Thang:

Run to entrance to Christ Covenant Church and hit the ground

20 hand release merkins in cadence

on your feet

Full Lap around the Church back to the entrance where we started (.75 mi?)

back to the ground for hand release merkins x 15

Lap 2

Partner up and run to first median

Partner 1 50 merkins

Partner 2 30 deep squats

Flapjack at next intersection

Third Station

Partner 1- 10 burpees

Partner 2 – 30 deep lunges

Flapjack at next intersection

Fifth Station

Partner 1 – 30 carolina dry docks

Partner 2 – 40 Freddy Mercury’s

Flapjack at next intersection……more hand release merkins

Mosey to the bottom of the hill beside the Scout Hut (FKA)

Parnter 1 step ups, Partner 2 sprint to the street and back

Flapjack, rinse and repeato

Mosey to the Hill

Partner 1 Bear Crawl to the top of the grass hill, 10 Merkins, run back down

Partner 2 LBC’s

Flapjack, rinse and repeato

Back to the entrance of the church

1 more big lap around the church

Mary, Hand release merkins, and deep squats to finish it off.

Moleskin: Great morning to be out in the gloom.  Thanks for letting me lead you men today.  I was a little out of sorts on my gameplan and execution getting us started due to late planning….but you guys stayed with it and it looked like you got your work in out there!  Nothing much to report from a humor standpoint except for YHC passing the reigns to our resident bullhorn Zipadee on the last cadence for Mary due to 02 deprivation.  Hope you have a great weekend.

Spring Break isn’t free…

29 men showed for what YHC intended to smoke them, not sure about that but definitely smoked myself.  Still in Spring Break mode…


Warm Up:

Halos 10 each way

Halos x 10 each way

Side extensions x 10

Good mornings x 20

Squats x 10


Swings x 20

High swings x 20

Alternating swings x20

Cleans x 15 each side

Squat and press x15 each side

Halo 10 each direction

Lunges 15 each leg

Single leg dead lift 10 each side

Russian twists x 20

Lay down overhead pullover x 20

2 handed curl x 20

Lay down tricep skull crushers x 20

Bench press x 20

Feet straight up locked arm crunches x20

Snatches x 10 each arm

Upright rows x 20

Swings x20

Lawn mower rows x 20

Out of exercises after some of the group knocked out 470 reps in 25 minutes.

To the Track, partner up, one guy lifts while the other runs 3 rounds

Back to the Circle

Sound off workouts, YHC calls the Pax, Pax names the exercise….This got ugly with the likes of Bulldog and Tiger Rag going for blood on Burpees with the bell, along with Vikings…not fun.


Thanks for letting me lead today.  Great job out there guys.  I definitely was feeling the effects of some major league fartsacking over the past couple of weeks with sparing posts, but it was good to get back in the groove with a kb workout!  I spoke with TR after the workout and he’s planning a KB 101 with Byron which you guys don’t want to miss.  If you really want to get the most out of Skunkworks you need to learn proper form, use a bell that’s more than you are comfortable with, and learn to move it around. If you are usually done first, or if you don’t really struggle doing all of the reps then you should consider moving up.

F3 is about promoting male leadership in the community and making men.  If you want to help make men please consider contributing at

The forum is also open for those that want to rename Prancer.  He showed back up so I vote that he be given a name that he can answer to in public…Sound off.

Thanks again, and have a great week after Easter fellas!  SIGN UP FOR THE F3 GOLF CLASSIC!!


Monkeys in the shadows…


20 Mountain Climbers

10 IW’s

40 Merkins OYO

Head down to the hut

Partner up

P1 Right leg side step ups on bench left leg

P2 run around the church

Flapjack then repeato left leg

P1 calf raises

P2 run


P1 deep squats

P2 run


P1 Monkey humpers

P2 run


Run to top field, partners grab 1 tire

Partner 1 lungewalk around track with tire locked out over head

P2 5 burpees, chase P1 switch until 1 lap complete

line it up for sprints

P1 straight arm shoulder raises with tire

P2 sprint soccer field and back

Flapjack/Repeato 2 sets

P1 shoulder press

P2 sprint

Flapjack/Repeato 2 sets

P1 flutter kick

P2 sprint

Flapjack/Repeato 2 sets

P1 incline merkins

P2 sprint


Return the tires,

back to small field for 30 seconds of Mary



I felt like I needed to deliver a little mudrun training to the Pax that are going down to Columbia next week and Sussudio clocked us at 3.3 miles of running in between all of the legwork. Radar had his own brand of mudrun training going on during the burpee/lunge walk…. bomb squad lunges?  We registered a 0.00 on the merlot spillage meter which was a bit of a surprise,  this is a tough group.

Harley and I had discussed creating a monkey humper tunnel between the benches for some akward stairdown moments between the bible study group arriving at 0600 and the triple down, monkey humpin, bible study group of (F3) monkeys.  Instead TR, being the leader that he is, banished us to the shadows for that shameful exercise.

   Word is Brown and Chanel were seen napping and spooning in the car, listening to George Michael, and happy to avoid this beatdown.  C’mon boys!

Sign up for F3 GOLF!  We will begin public shaming starting next week and I’m sending TR after all Pax that haven’t signed up for some strong armed persuasion.

Muscle Beach Skunkvasion

the thang

Mosey to lower lot, 20 merkins, 20 squats

to the curb by the church

5 rounds (1000 reps)

20 swings

10 1 arm press each arm

20 sumo/tbag squats

20 merkins

20 calf raises on curb

10 lawn mower rows each arm

20 2 handed curls

20 tricep extensions

10 snatches each arm (3 rounds) 20 merkins rounds 4,5

20 upright rows

Sprints in between 1, 2, 4

Mosey back to lot

20 flutters w/ bell

20 skullcrushers with bell



Thanks for letting me lead the pax today.  If you did your work you should be feeling that one.  Who knew you could have so much fun with not much running and no burpees!  Mumble chatter was a little heavy in round 1 but subsided greatly after the beginning of round 2 and stayed low for the remainder.  Way to grind it out boys.  I mentioned the golf tourney being on May 22nd, but we will explore pushing it back a week due to the amount of soccer tryouts participation between coaches and great dads!

Busy work


20 IW’s

Touch your toes, stretch those legs out…

20 Peter Parkers


The Thang:

2 laps around the church, approx. 1.2 miles

settle at the Scout House for circuits

25 Dips, 25 merkins, 25 stepups

rinse and repeat

mosey to the hill

11’s with merkins and Freddie Mercury’s

mosey to the pavillion

3 rounds of 25 decline merkins (feet on bench), and 25 flutter kicks

Jailbreak back to the parking lot

LBC’s x 15


Rosalita x 21




Great group out there today.  The pax are getting strong, Pre KBers outnumbered the Semi-SACKERS 12 to 9 today.  I imagine this number shoots through the roof when our fair weather brethren return this Spring.  No fair weather fans today, 17 degrees this morning and a warm 17 as it actually felt like 17 according to  The workout looked more do-able on paper.  The plan was to finish with 2 more laps (1.2 miles) but we ran out of time. That ice on the backstretch didn’t speed us up much.  Recon(TR) notified me as we headed into the gloom that we were in for some skating, and we dodged injuries not once but twice!  I didn’t even preblast the workout and somehow managed to get a very fast group of fast twitchers that made quick work of the laps.  Nothing too inventive or exciting today, just plain old fashioned work, which led to Cottontail calling me Mr. Busywork or something to that effect.  #grinders  Great Compass at Chickfila to finish off the morning.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to triple down with KB’s, Kevlar, and Compass do it once, it will fire you into the weekend like a cannon. Best morning of the week.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead and have a great weekend.


Burpee Breakdown

20 burpees oyo hold plank position

20 1/2 burpees oyo hold it

20 Merkins oyo hold it

20 jump squats


Partner up with someone of similar speed – one bell per group 

Partner 1 Bear crawl every 20 steps, 10 Merkins 

Partner 2 walks alongside doing AMAP push presses with bell all the way to long hill 

Flapjack after each partner does their Merkins


Put bells/rocks down at top of long hill

Jog to the bottom

Sprint up racing your partner

Winner does AMAP Bicep Curls with bell/rock until loser finishes 10 burpees

Fast Jog back down stopping halfway for 20 jump squats, at bottom do 20 jump Merkins hold it sprint

Repeat x 5


Partner 1 Bear crawl every 20 steps, 10 Merkins 

Partner 2 walks alongside doing AMAP push presses with bell all the way to the baseball field

Flapjack after each partner does their Merkins


Put bells/rocks down at infield

Sprint/ Race to outfield, loser does 10 burpees winner does 10 jump squats

Sprint back to bells do 20 dips on benches, 20 incline Merkins, 20 Diamonds

Repeat X 5 (ten sprints total)


Partner 1 Bear crawl every 20 steps, 10 Merkins 

Partner 2 walks alongside doing AMAP push presses with bell all the way to the starting point


Burpee Breakdown

20 burpees oyo hold plank position

20 1/2 burpees oyo hold it

20 Merkins oyo hold it

20 jump squats


10 Merkins oyo to finish


’twas a brilliant morning for a ______ workout, not sure what adjective you would use to describe it,  fill in the blank and I’m sure it would work.  Sound off in the comments on what you would call today’s workout!  It was tremendous fun none the less, I love hanging with my Bros!  The new Burpee Breakdown was a true crowd pleaser that ended any thought of mumble chatter.  The only chatter YHC heard was after the third sprint when Purple Haze called out the lack of creativity in the Q…a very slight tweak was added and he asked his comment be stricken from the record.  No such luck, and the focus point of pain carried on, and went deeper yet.  The O2 deprivation intensified at the second sprint point with some audibles on the win/loss of the sprints and YHC was called a socialist because of doling out equal pain the the winners and losers.  The pax truly did some drag racing today, it was impressive!


During the pre-Anvil KB workout, we smoked the back and a few shoulders doing Shwings (as they have been newly named, Party on Wayne, Party on Garth!), Upright Rows, and Lawnmower Bentover Rows (R/L)…over and over and over again.  Halfway through the kbs Bananas gets a text from Goodhands asking if he was driving…uh…no, I’m already swinging the metal Bro!  A good laugh (said with a British accent of course for Bulldog) was had and we continued on with our rotation to pure failure!  Love how the group for Kettle Bell Fever continues to grow!


Thanks to BA for the honor to lead, we missed having you out there!


Posted by Bananas on behalf of Busch

Semi-Gloss Saturday

The Thang (Semi-gloss on Q):


SSH x 25

Mountain Climbers x 20

Imperial Walkers x 15

Merkins x 15

Tabata work 20 on 10 off for 25 minutes straight

8 rounds of Merkins

8 rounds of Burpees (about round 3 the party crashers from @F3TheRock rolled up in style, Shovel Flag in front and plenty of humor in tow.

8 rounds of rock bicep curles

8 rounds abs (assorted)

8 rounds of Wide Arm Merkins,and Carolina Dry Docks

1 minute AMRAP bicep curls

1 minute AMRAP tricep extensions


Put rocks away and mosey to the hill for 11’s Burpees and Squats

Bulldog led Plank-o-rama until all are finished

Line up on the end line of soccer field for partner work.

P1 bear crawl there and back

P2 six inches plank

Rinse and Repeat

P1 sprint

P2 six inches on your 6 (Protractor)

Rinse and Repeat

Exit The Rock Pax

To the track:

Lap 1

50 merkins on corner 1, 50 squats on corner 2, Dolly’s on corner 3, 30 Suppine pullups on corner 4

Lap 2, run at own pace

3 minutes of Mary

Backscratchers x 25

Something else x 20 can’t remember

20 burpees OYO



Semi-Gloss brought the pain in his inaugaral Q.  Funny, we never suspected Semi-gloss to lead F3 into the future of workout technology.  The space computer against the basketball goal for all the pax to see the tabata counts was futuristic.  We really got a charge out of The Rock boys rolling in for the fun.  Plenty of opportunities to discuss important items such as the british sponge cake aka #spotted dick.  Apparently the kind of parties (white elephant) that TR goes to provide sufficient opportunity to get #spotted dick.  Thanks to Radar for lending me his watch.  I wear one every workout and somehow forgot on my day to Q, not acceptable.  It was a big leap of faith for him to enter the downpainment giving away any knowledge of time.  Thank you boys for letting Semi-gloss and YHC lead you today and congrats to Hops on his 2 year anniversary at F3.  YHC and the Bananas Clown Car family tree can thank him for a year long EH two years ago that came into fruition a year ago next month. Hops doesn’t take no for an answer.  #closer  Good job pal. 




May we have some more beans Mr. Taggert?



The Pax are ready for Thanksgiving with the digestive systems apparently primed for action and a significant calorie burn this AM.

The Thang:

SSH x 20

Merkins x 15


Run to Davie park by way of 51

Circuit City:

3 Rounds of:

10 Pullups

20 Squats

30 Merkins

5 laps around median

3 Rounds of:

10 Lunges each leg

20 Bicycles

30 Merkins

2 laps around median

3 Rounds of:

10  each leg; 1 legged squats, opposite foot on bench

20 LBC’s

30 Carolina Dry Docks

Run Back to South Charlotte Middle







Moleskin:  Apparently Radar as the ringleader and too many others to name have already started munching on the beans that are sure to be a part of Thanksgiving Dinner.  It sounded like a gun battle this AM as the Pax repeatedly fired shots into the gloom and took deserving credit for their masterpieces.  #washyourselves.  You guys are class, occassionally.  Tclaps to Robinhood for laying down some mileage and putting in work from start to finish today.  Strong work brother.  Same goes to Busch and the boys that hit the pre-game Kettlebell work this morning.  If you haven’t done this before a workout yet, try it, it does not disappoint.  Great to see so many of the regs today before we break for Thanksgiving.  I am certainly thankful for all of you and for F3 this Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and travel safely.

Killer B’s on a Swarm…


16 nasty beasts showed up for a Killer B’s led beatdown.   The weather was gloomalicious with 50’s and a mist, so we made sure that nobody could enjoy it.

COP: (Baracus)

SSH x 25

IW x 25

Mountain Climbers x 25

Mosey to the track

Farmer Carry KB Chasers:

Partner up – KB size matters

Partner 1 does 10 merkins then sprints to catch partner 2.  Continue until 100 merkins completed. (50 each)

100s: Stay with parnter, 1 partner performs exercise while other partner runs around track.  Keep going until cumulative repetitions reaches 100.

– Bicep Curls

– Upright Rows

– Overhead Press

– Overhead tricep extensions

Mosey to playground (Bananas)

5 rounds as fast as you can of:

20 pullups

30 merkins

40 LBC’s

50 squats

Audible at round 3, Lawn mower rows for pullups

Audible at round 4 calf raises for squats


20 two handed swings (in cadence)

20 (10 each arm) snatches with professional demonstration from Byron.

20 flutter press w/ bell (in cadence)

15 dolly press w/ bell (in cadence)




Beautiful morning for our workout.  Baracus dipped us right into the pain with farmers carries and merkins which generated about 3 laps of sprints, unless you were with the Q in the remedial class, (Crab Cake/Baracus) who managed 4 laps #slerkins.  Our Queen City DJ’s showed that they are in their prime in the music industry as The Hoff and Wolfman spent about 10 minutes each fixing the tape that was eaten by the jambox or angling the broken antenna to make sure Michael Bolton was coming through clearly. I’ll be honest with you, I love his music, I do, I’m a Michael Bolton fan. For my money, it doesn’t get any better than when he sings “When a Man Loves a Woman.” #officespace.  Bad music, red clay, and kettlebells, no better way to start a Saturday.  Thank you men for letting us lead.  Have a great weekend.

Announcements: Don’t forget to get your canned goods to Calvary for Thanksgiving, Crab Cake and Hops are on point for this if you have any questions.  Also, Busch and Tiger Rag will be leading some pre-game KB work on Wednesdays and Fridays. Follow them on Twitter to find out where the fun will be.

Those guys have some big rocks!


30 Meatheads woke up to a glorious morning and crushed it with some rocks.

The Thang:

Imperial Walker x 20

Squats x 20

Merkins x 20

Mosey over to rock pile to pick out your partner for the day.

Stong guys go to the woods, skipping rocks by the entrance to the church.

Head to parking lot and spread out facing the buses. 

50 curls, run to the buses with your rock, 50 merkins, run back to the start with your rock

Rinse and repeat

50 tricep extensions, run to the buses with your rock, 50 LBC’s run back with your rock

Rinse and repeat

50 overhead presses, run to buses with your rock, 50 squats, run back with your rock

Rinse and repeat

50 bent over rows, run to the buses with your rock, 50 straight arm raises with your rock, run back with your rock.

Rinse and Repeat

Return your rock to its home and head back to the grass for some Mary.

Flutter x 25

Freddy Mercury x 25

Dolly x 25

Rosalita x 25


Moleskin: If you haven’t figured it out YHC doesn’t believe that it has to be too creative in order for it to hurt.  I love when the HEAVY mumble chatter at the beginning of a workout ends in a whimpering cadence count at Mary.  You boys have a great weekend!  Thanks for allowing me to take you through another workout, always a good time.