Those guys have some big rocks!

Those guys have some big rocks!


30 Meatheads woke up to a glorious morning and crushed it with some rocks.

The Thang:

Imperial Walker x 20

Squats x 20

Merkins x 20

Mosey over to rock pile to pick out your partner for the day.

Stong guys go to the woods, skipping rocks by the entrance to the church.

Head to parking lot and spread out facing the buses. 

50 curls, run to the buses with your rock, 50 merkins, run back to the start with your rock

Rinse and repeat

50 tricep extensions, run to the buses with your rock, 50 LBC’s run back with your rock

Rinse and repeat

50 overhead presses, run to buses with your rock, 50 squats, run back with your rock

Rinse and repeat

50 bent over rows, run to the buses with your rock, 50 straight arm raises with your rock, run back with your rock.

Rinse and Repeat

Return your rock to its home and head back to the grass for some Mary.

Flutter x 25

Freddy Mercury x 25

Dolly x 25

Rosalita x 25


Moleskin: If you haven’t figured it out YHC doesn’t believe that it has to be too creative in order for it to hurt.  I love when the HEAVY mumble chatter at the beginning of a workout ends in a whimpering cadence count at Mary.  You boys have a great weekend!  Thanks for allowing me to take you through another workout, always a good time.


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Good Hands
Good Hands
10 years ago

C’mon Bananas, I know we didn’t ride together today, but you forgot Good Hands was in the pax! Good Q today. Feeling the burn already.

Good Hands
Good Hands
Reply to  Bananas
10 years ago

I had a big rock until you made us switch with the pax on the upper level. Nothing left up there but a bunch of gravel to choose from!

10 years ago

Save all the in law chatter for the holidays!! Nice job ‘Nanners from your fellow F3 lunkhead!!!

10 years ago

Nice lead Banarnars. Hats off to Busch for picking a rock similar to mine! 50 reps was a joke though with the boulders the upper level lads picked. Hats off to Horsehead who is quietly racking up the posts each week. Nightcourt thanks for taking us out boldly!

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