Busy work

Busy work


20 IW’s

Touch your toes, stretch those legs out…

20 Peter Parkers


The Thang:

2 laps around the church, approx. 1.2 miles

settle at the Scout House for circuits

25 Dips, 25 merkins, 25 stepups

rinse and repeat

mosey to the hill

11’s with merkins and Freddie Mercury’s

mosey to the pavillion

3 rounds of 25 decline merkins (feet on bench), and 25 flutter kicks

Jailbreak back to the parking lot

LBC’s x 15


Rosalita x 21




Great group out there today.  The pax are getting strong, Pre KBers outnumbered the Semi-SACKERS 12 to 9 today.  I imagine this number shoots through the roof when our fair weather brethren return this Spring.  No fair weather fans today, 17 degrees this morning and a warm 17 as it actually felt like 17 according to weather.com.  The workout looked more do-able on paper.  The plan was to finish with 2 more laps (1.2 miles) but we ran out of time. That ice on the backstretch didn’t speed us up much.  Recon(TR) notified me as we headed into the gloom that we were in for some skating, and we dodged injuries not once but twice!  I didn’t even preblast the workout and somehow managed to get a very fast group of fast twitchers that made quick work of the laps.  Nothing too inventive or exciting today, just plain old fashioned work, which led to Cottontail calling me Mr. Busywork or something to that effect.  #grinders  Great Compass at Chickfila to finish off the morning.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to triple down with KB’s, Kevlar, and Compass do it once, it will fire you into the weekend like a cannon. Best morning of the week.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead and have a great weekend.

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10 years ago

with all the extra KB work along the 51 corridor (Kevlar, DV, Anvil, etc.) – Skunkworks probably needs some extra running and less KB – happy to oblige this coming Tuesday

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Hops, we could always meet at 0500 for some running/sprint work, the opposite of the other pre-KB workouts! I’m game… Thanks Bananas for the great Q as always!

Reply to  Busch
10 years ago

Great idea Busch…or we could just do a Combine-type workout at Skunkworks for 45 minutes this Tuesday rather than splitting it into 30 minutes of running followed by 45 minutes of metal work. The combo approach also accomodates those who say Fast Twitch at 5:15 is too early, thus, they won’t make the 0500 pre-workouts either. This accomodates everyone!

10 years ago

Nice Q Bananas! Brown was cracking me up when we took off just as he finished lap 1. Thanks also to Brown for dialing it back a notch and hanging with FNG Rehab. Nothing like a double dose on your first time out!

10 years ago

Ricky Bobby is right, “if you ain’t first, your last!” Man that run was soooo long I was looking for pop up tents, tables of water cups, a cheering section, and a finish line to run through! Haha! Instead I got all you big lung idiots taking off as I get there like I just ran into the largest crop dust known to man!! It was a pleasure to caboose with Rehab, and when he comes back, you can thank me then BD!

Hops, stop messing with Shunkworks! Don’t hate, participate!! #iwastoldtherewouldbenorunning

Reply to  Brown
10 years ago

Love Skunkworks brother. No hate. Get ready to run.

10 years ago

One speed and one speed only son! It’s not how you finish, just that you finish!

Reply to  Brown
10 years ago

Not sure what that means but you can show me Tuesday Brown.

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