Monkeys in the shadows…

Monkeys in the shadows…


20 Mountain Climbers

10 IW’s

40 Merkins OYO

Head down to the hut

Partner up

P1 Right leg side step ups on bench left leg

P2 run around the church

Flapjack then repeato left leg

P1 calf raises

P2 run


P1 deep squats

P2 run


P1 Monkey humpers

P2 run


Run to top field, partners grab 1 tire

Partner 1 lungewalk around track with tire locked out over head

P2 5 burpees, chase P1 switch until 1 lap complete

line it up for sprints

P1 straight arm shoulder raises with tire

P2 sprint soccer field and back

Flapjack/Repeato 2 sets

P1 shoulder press

P2 sprint

Flapjack/Repeato 2 sets

P1 flutter kick

P2 sprint

Flapjack/Repeato 2 sets

P1 incline merkins

P2 sprint


Return the tires,

back to small field for 30 seconds of Mary



I felt like I needed to deliver a little mudrun training to the Pax that are going down to Columbia next week and Sussudio clocked us at 3.3 miles of running in between all of the legwork. Radar had his own brand of mudrun training going on during the burpee/lunge walk…. bomb squad lunges?  We registered a 0.00 on the merlot spillage meter which was a bit of a surprise,  this is a tough group.

Harley and I had discussed creating a monkey humper tunnel between the benches for some akward stairdown moments between the bible study group arriving at 0600 and the triple down, monkey humpin, bible study group of (F3) monkeys.  Instead TR, being the leader that he is, banished us to the shadows for that shameful exercise.

   Word is Brown and Chanel were seen napping and spooning in the car, listening to George Michael, and happy to avoid this beatdown.  C’mon boys!

Sign up for F3 GOLF!  We will begin public shaming starting next week and I’m sending TR after all Pax that haven’t signed up for some strong armed persuasion.

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10 years ago

Not at all happy I missed this one guys, my bad. I was managing an angry 3yr old monkey that came lurking out of the shadows and wasn’t able to get out the door in time.

10 years ago

There are many levels of badness associated with the “Monkey Humper” exercise movement.

In ascending order of severity:

1) Saying the word “Monkey Humper” (or typing it, as I just did, twice)
2) Performing the Monkey Humper exercise movement
3) Accidentally watching another PAX perform the Monkey Humper exercise movement
4) Intentionally watching another PAX perform the Monkey Humper exercise movement
5) Any eye contact during items 1-4 above, but especially item 4

– HH

10 years ago

I once got lost in someones eyes doing monkey humpers. Best hour of my life

10 years ago

That’s why the monkey humper is best saved for the shadows. Nice Q Bananas

10 years ago

Got a new one for you tonight honey………..

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