The Bunnies are Back

The Bunnies are Back

Anyone who did IPC last year remembers the thrill of Murder Bunnies.  Basically reverse hiking a cinder block from between your legs to out in front of you, jumping forward while hunched over, and repeating many times to advance across the field or parking lot.  We did that today!  Why? Because it is a High Intensity exercise and NOE is a High Intensity Workout.

The Thang:

9 men grabbed their cinder blocks and went to the next parking lot for space.  Warm Up = 15 SSH, 15 MC and 15 LSS all IC.

Thang 1: 20 overhead press, murder bunny across, 20 overhead press, rest 30 seconds.  20 curls, MB back, 20 curls, rest.  5 “blockees”, MB, 5 blockees, rest.  20 squats, MB, 20 squats, rest.

Thang 2: Use the HIIT cadence Wild Turkey has taught us and do 3 exercises in the same muscle group, 30 sec on/30 sec off, or 40/20 depending, then rest for 1 minute and repeat.  First round was incline, narrow grip merkins on the block, then decline wide grip merkins, then alternating merkins with one hand on block one hand off.  Second round was straight leg deadlifts, rotating lunges, and sumo squats (all with block).  Round 3 was situps with OH block press, flutter press with block, and LBCs no block.

Thang 3:  About 8 minutes of station work.  2 stations were murder bunnies, one was farmer’s carry with two blocks, one was burpees, rest was PAX choice with block – curls, triceps, OH press, etc.  Time.

Moleskin:  Huge shout out to Midriff for hiding another 8 cinder blocks next to Blakeney Target last night.  I retrieved them and put them back in their spot for future DaVinci and Firestarter.  If you plan to move them for Maul/NOE, here’s a pro tip – do it the night before because at 5:15 am, you will need to awkwardly waive to all the construction guys working the Target project as they see you taking stuff out of the woods.

Humbled as always,

Soft Pretzel

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