WTF is going on in Waxhaw….Part2

  • When:04/30/2022
  • QIC: Kid Rock, Tuck, Dasher

WTF is going on in Waxhaw….Part2


That’s right! WTF is back for a second year.

For those of you that did not make it out last year, or are unaware of what WTF is… Here are the basics:

Waxhaw Trail Fest will take place on Saturday April 30th. This is a team event, that will run relay style on 3 different trail legs setup at Walnut Creek Park in Indian Land SC. The loops all start and stop at the WTF village where you and your fellow PAX can relax and enjoy some 2nd F until your next leg.  The race is complete when each member of your team runs each loop once, totaling approx 12 miles per runner. With a 6:30am starting line time, I would expect the final runners to be coming in around 12 noon, so plan accordingly. Arrive at least 30 min early! This may be the first time meeting your teammates, and you want to be prepared before the 6:30 start.

This year, we are able to go bigger! Thanks to Movement Mortgage, Waxhaw Taphouse, and John Cassidy Photography we have been able to provide every runner with even more! Registration is $10…. Included with every paid registration will be:

1 entry into the race; 1 WTF t-shirt, food and drinks in the village, and race photos

Awards given to top overall team

Each person will register as an individual. We just need your info, including best estimated 5k road pace. Race directors will assign all runners to evenly matched teams of 3. Join us at The Waxhaw Taphouse 2 days before the race, on Thursday 4/28 from 6-8pm for packet pickup and team assignments. Presence for packet pickup is suggested, however every registered runner will get an email with updated Team information, in addition to last minute packet pickup the morning of the event.

UPDATE: Registration date to be guaranteed a shirt has past. All shirts have been ordered. Any entries after this point will receive whatever sizes are remaining day of the event if there are any left. We have ordered extras, however they are in limited quantity.

Link to Registration

In the village we will provide music, coffee,  hydration, a BBQ grill setup with a selection of food, including sandwiches, chicken, burgers, and bacon and eggs. Please bring your own chairs and a team canopy if desired. Any team snacks or preferred drinks are up to each team.

Please send money to YHC via:

Venmo @TonyAmore


All extra money raised will be donated to F3 Waxhaw partner charities including Christ’s Closet and Rice N Beans.



$10- Registration Fee

Thursday April 28- Waxhaw Taphouse 6p-8p for packet pickup/team assignments

Saturday April 30th-race be there at 6am (10521 Walnut Creek Pkwy– follow parking attendants to tennis courts)

Great 2nd F event with breakfast/lunch, snacks, music, games

Top overall team award

Revisit the badass event with race photos


Spread the word. Open to all. Last year was a great event, and this year is shaping up to be even better!


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