Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise

Man – I was shocked on Thursday morning, when my reminder popped up that I have to Q Swarm the next day. I totally forgot that I signed up for it! And – as any good Site Q would do – Sugar Daddy sent me a message later that day if I am still in… Yes, of course! So: time to come up with a Weinky! Then I realized that this is the first hour-long workout I ever Q’s… what does it mean? will I struggle in the end to fill the time? It turned out that we were a nice group of 8 people, as some faster guys are going nuts on a 200mi relay… good luck to them!


I gave the DICCS and off we went past Rudy’s (shit) shed to the big parking lot at the stadium.  Circle up and: 15x SSH, 15x Moroccan Nightclubs, 15x Imperial Walker,15x Potato Picker, 15x Mountain Climber, calf stretch, runners stretch, downward dog, upward dog,… Done!

The Thang

Mosey to benches and Partner up. One is running the loop around Geep Jungle as a timer, the other is doing the exercise: Dips, Heels to Heaven, Inclined Merkins, Squats. Audible in the middle: instead of running around Geep Jungle, just run around the circle.

Mosey to the top at the main street, crossing into the neighborhood. Every Street light on the right alternating till cul-de-sac: 5x Merkins, 5x Sister Mary Catherine (2-1). Rainman made a concerning remark at that time: wow – that’s another mile just to the cul-de-sac… Well on google maps, it looked much closer. But hey – I have to fill the hour, right? Going back the same way, this time alternating at every street light to the left: 5x Big Boys, 3x Burpees. For the slower guys (including me!) there was an audible: just make it back to the street… either just keep on running or reduce the number of reps.

Going back the road towards the stadium, halting half-way there, partner up. One Partner runs to the next street entrance, the other one back to the island. 10 Peter Parkers at the end, meet in the middle, do 5 partner-hand-clap-merkins, go to the other side and back for the partner-hand-clap-merkins.

Mosey back to Rudy’s shed. Rainman said: we’ve done 4.7mi already! Wow – it feels more like a Ignition workout!

At the shed, we had to work our way around the Impromptu guys… 20x donkey kicks OYO, 20x air presses, 20x donkey kicks OYO.

Back to COT, 3 Merkins at every street light… and: Done! I got 5.2mi (granted, on the Apple Watch). What a surprise – not only to me!


I did it! I made the hour-long workout… and I did not even complete my entire weinky! Wow… I was not expecting that! But with a great group of people it is always easier. Time flies if you have fun!

Although everybody – including me! – was surprised about the high mileage, nobody was really complaining about it. At least not audible – or trying to Q-jack the workout! Thank you guys – very much appreciated!


I’d like to refer to the Impromptu BB, if it is out there… 😉

  • Blood Drive
  • Q-School
  • WTF
  • Race for Autism
  • Christ Closet

Mad Dog (Impromptu Q) led us out – thank you!

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