Commitment – woke up early

Commitment – woke up early


warm up: mosey to flag pole 20 SSH, 15 IW, 10 windmills, 5 murkins. Stretch up/down dog, jimmy, calf, and runner stretches.

Paula Abdul trees 🌲 through Nesbit drive up 2 back 1 with an increasing cadence of 4 shoulder taps at the first tree and 1 squat coming back. Increase by 4&1.

mosey to buss lot for 4 corners/ with 2 murkins in the middle between each.

10 burpees, 20 big boys, 30 flutters, 40 plank jacks. Repeato x 3.

.5 mi mosey through neighborhood. Stopping 1/2 way at Millbridge for 20 monkey humpers while waiting for the six.

mosey to club house for some partner workouts. 100 bicycles, 100 jump shots, 100 big boys, 100 j-lo’s partner runs circle ⭕️ parking lot as timer then switch.
head back to COT.

Numberrama and Name-aRama, name FNG, welcome “Ramsey” then announcements: include a 5k coming up on December 4 see Fuzebox for details, 9 more days to collect canned beans deliver to ghosted, Waxhaw cot hole tournament nov 6th get a team together for $50 at WTH proceeds benefit Kensington ES, praises and prayers, take us out Gods strength in each of us is unstoppable and you can do anything through Him.

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