Do we write backblasts for Express?

Do we write backblasts for Express?

I was told the only rule was “Don’t be a dumb ass”, so why not?


  • 4 Square
    • First corner: run, jog back
    • Second corner: run, jog back
    • Third corner: run, jog back
    • Fourth corner: run, jog back
  • Cuthberston High Exit Hill
    • Run three lights, jog back one
    • Repeat until the street
  • Cutty Front Road
    • 200 to the transfer station, jog back
    • 400 to the stop sign, jog back
    • 800 to cabin boy, jog back to stop sign
  • COT location
    • Jog to the path, Run to Transporter’s shed, jog to the middle school, run to the stop sign, mosey back to COT Location
    • Repeat once
  • Front of Middle school
    • Run to the path on the far side, jog behind middle school to the shed, run back to COT


  • IPC – something something something, I wasn’t listening


  • Great push by everyone, all getting around 6 miles in. Thanks for letting me lead

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