2 minute Drill, or 2 minutes to slacking!

2 minute Drill, or 2 minutes to slacking!

Well its been nearly three weeks since YHC was able to post at bushwood due to some traveling, but was great to be back with some of the Bushwood OG’s.  we had a good 10 HIM’s ready to roll.


slightly longer mosey than typical to get a good warmup for what was to come, all stretches were on purpose:

  • SSH
  • Potato Pickers
  • Up/Down Dog
  • Calf Stretch
  • IW
  • Runners Stretch
  • Quad stretch


Head to short track under cover as there was some rain expected, the rain just turned out to be the the Short track Sprinklers. Pair up, One run the other works.

  • Dips x2
  • Derkins x2
  • Step-ups x2

The Beef:

Grab a rock on the way to the parking lot, Count off into 1&2.  Split side over the parking lot line with the 1’s facing the 2’s.

This was a team event: 2 minutes to hold a pose.

  • Pose 1: 2 minute Squat position arms straight out. Keep in position, if you break form, do 10 merkins then get back to Squat form.
  • Run a Lap
  • Pose 2: 2 minute Plank, Keep in position, if you break form, do 10 Big Boi’s then get back to plank.
  • Run a Lap
  • Pose 3: 2 minute curl Hold at 90 degrees with coupon. When YHC called, we did 10 curls.
  • Run a Lap
  • Repeat with 3 minute plank.

Time, bring coupon back and head to COT.


You would think this sounds fairly simple, but trust me, the burn is inevitable. competition was to see which group had the least Merkns and Big Boi’s, but it seemed as though it was pretty even. YHC had to be the form police a few times and either call out that pickle pounders were not allowed or standing above/below 90 was off.

Not sure what was worse, having to wait the 2 minutes, or endure One-Stars rendition of “the Wheels on the Bus” to pass the time quicker.

All in all this was a little something different I picked up from our Brothers in Naperville and figured to give a try.

About that: it was nice to be on the road for a few weeks and be able to post with some other crews. There are some great guys out there that are willing to help out and hook you up with a workout or a coffeteria. All in all, I would encourage anyone to venture out.


Happy belated Birthday to Big Ben

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