Watch out for that bump

Watch out for that bump

DICCS given, mosey .8 miles up to 2nd traffic circle.  That hill sucks by the way

Warm up

Stretch on your own

The Thang

Run – carved out approx. 1 mile loop and we repeated that a few times.  After the first 2 loops the hills were starting to kill me so I decided to reverse course and run the loop backwards.  That’s when things got weird.  Bottlecap and I were running and we heard what sounded like a woman moaning….it was the sound of deflated falling….then Foundation falling.  They dusted off and kept going but that didn’t stop the conspiracy theory’s from flowing.  We narrowed it down to 4 events that could have led up to their fall:

  1. Deflated fell and was holding on too tightly to certain Foundation body parts which caused Foundation to fall with him.
  2. A scorned lover (Smithers) sabotaged the run causing Deflated and Foundation to fall.
  3. Deflated fell and Foundation acted out of instinct and does what he always does when seeing deflated down on all fours.
  4. Deflated and Foundation tripped on a piece of pavement that was slighted elevated. (we quickly ruled this one out as it did not sound plausible)

The Moleskin

The events above are mostly true as I remember them……Great group of guys this morning.  This was my first time Q’ing at Pursuit and those hills in Millbridge are awful. Appreciate you letting me lead you.


Cuthbertson Cleanup for Cross Country season – See Rubbermaid for details.

Christ closet – This Saturday from 7:30a – 1:00p need help emptying the house – see Turnbuckle

House Cleanup in Pineville next Saturday the 14th.  They need trailers and muscle – see Shop Dog for details.

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