Spank It

Spank It

12 strong for Dromedary!

The disclaimer was given, and here is what went down:

Warm Up Mosey

Circle Up:

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walker x 20
  • Moroccan Nightclub x 20
  • Mountain Climber x 10
  • Plank Jack x 10

Mosey to the wall behind the school:

  • 10 Five-Count Wall Merkins in cadence
  • 25 Air Press in cadence
  • 25 Jabs in cadence
  • 10 Five-Count Wall Merkins

Partner work – Partner 1 works while partner 2 goes over the wall and hot lap around the fence – then flap jack

  • Donkey Kicks – 200 combined
  • Mike Tyson – 100 combined

Mosey to picnic tables

  • 20 Dips OYO
  • 20 Steps Ups OYO
  • 20 Derkins OYO

Mosey back to parking lot

Partner up again for rock work – Partner 1 works while partner 2 runs to the top of the lot and back – then flap jack:

  • Curls – 150 combined
  • Triceps Press – 150 combined
  • Shoulder Press – 150 combined

Return rocks and back to COT

A few ab exercises followed by Have a Nice Day


Great work by all PAX this morning!  During the warmup exercise I asked the Pax to “make the circles bigger” during Moroccan Nightclubs.  Well, as you can guess, saying things like “make it bigger” with this group only leads to laughter.  From there somehow “spank it” became a phrase of the day.  Laughter in the dark at 5:00 am is one of the things that makes this group so awesome.  Most people are asleep while we are laughing and getting stronger.

Welcome FNG “Houdini”.  He shared with the group that he was a refugee in Ukraine before making his way to Seattle and now North Carolina.  We were all in awe as he told his story.  He said he escaped communism twice… once from the Ukraine… short pause… and once from Seattle!  LOL  What a hilarious comment!  I think he will fit in just fine with this crew!

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