I feel bad about your funhouse mirror

I feel bad about your funhouse mirror

39 years, not really a very big deal in most circumstances.  It’s not a milestone birthday, its “just one more year”, one more trip around the sun.  So why make a deal out of it.  In part, I guess, its serendipity my birthday landed on a Saturday giving me the opportunity to return to my favorite AO to kickstart my 40th annum.  The other part, is each year is a gift worth celebrating, worth acknowledging the gift which was another 365 days of breath, of strength, and of enduring the challenges of every day life.  I appreciate the PAX who tolerated my vanity, and humored my hubris, by posting alongside me this morning.  Read on to know what we did:

The Thang:

COT including 13 of IW, LSS, LSM (3 X 13 = 39) followed by 13 burpees.

-Mosey over to the circuit in the parking lot outside the hotbox consisting of:
-Sister Mary-Katherines

-80# Squats

-40# Ball Slams

-60# ground to overhead

-35# Triple Lindys

-44# Plate press burpees

-Ball-Over Merkins

-Deadlifts with either 120# bag or 2 44# bells


We did 3 rounds Tabata style, 40 seconds on each station with 20 seconds to rotate to the next.  After round 1 we moseyed to the wall for peoples chair with 13 alternating leg lifts in cadence, 13 count right leg up, 13 count left leg up with 13 count balls to the walls in between each set of PC.  After round 2 of the Tabata we went to the tables in the hotbox for 13 step ups, 13 dips, 13 derkins X3.

After round 3 we re-loaded the truck and moseyed back to the start for circle of Mary including  Flutta, LBC, Dolly, Rosalita, protractor, American hammer, and plank-o-rama


-It’s always awesome to show how much work occurs standing in a parking lot picking up heavy things.  I do believe all PAX (except Joker who was doubling down and taking it easy) were thoroughly smoked after 2 rounds of Tabata and the third was an absolute ball-buster.

-Speaking of Joker, after a 1 hour speed work set at a nearby track, he rolled in late and upset what was a perfect 8 station circuit.  YHC knew he was coming tho, so the audible was pre-considered and applied in real time (adding the sister Mary Katherines, which got many a grumble.)

-During the second set, Cheese Curd was squatting opposite Stalker when he said the most cheese curd thing ever.  “It’s like looking in a funhouse mirror, I’m bigger, tougher, and squat deeper.  I feel really bad about your reflection though.”

-Speaking of Cheese Curd, his usual ridicule was somewhat muted as he seemed to be quite labored from doing work.  Today we learned he DOES have a mute button… now only if it would work on McGee… I’ll investigate and report back.

-I should already know this, but YHC really needs to stop pre-defined circuits next to Alf.   During the bench work, he was routinely done with his Derkins before I started, and it was done with good form.  WAMRAP has built a monster there…

-Hoover and Geraldo seem to think their stature immunizes them from having to do burpees, not sure why that is…

-Urlacher makes odd noises when lifting weights… curd squeaks 2.0?

-Joker spent most of the time we were doing bench work chatting up the three ladies who were doing some kind of Pilates on the other side of the hot-box.  Married men have no game, just saying…

-Spent the entire workout and time after doing things themed around my birthday and complete failed to acknowledge Madison’s 50th birthday which is today as well. RESPECT brother, and apologies for failing to acknowledge during COT… just awful dropping of the ball on my part.


-F310year.com. Check it out, October in Wilmington, Join the slack channel, sound off about whether or not you might want to go.  It’d be really cool if you did man.

-8/14 bring your broken down 26” or great bikes to RockZero, Stone-Cold will be coordinating a drop off to a compatriot who will refurb them and then donate them to a family in need of basic transportation.


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