Pardon Me, Can I Open That Jar For You?

Pardon Me, Can I Open That Jar For You?

9 pax entered the gloom to answer YHC’s call to don a blue collar shirt to put in an hour of hard work, manual labor style.  Here’s how it went down:

The Thang:

Follow me was called as we went 10 feet so all pax could get 2 brick pavers out of the back of my SUV.  Run with bricks to the soccer pitch at the bottom of the hill, broken up by 40 yds of lunge walk with bricks overhead.


SSH x 30

Imperial Walkers x 30

Squats w/ bricks x 30

Man Maker Merkins w/ bricks x 20

Push / Press w/ bricks x 30

Mosey over to the hill for sevens w/ your bricks. Start w/ 1 Jump Squat with brick at bottom & 6 burpees with bricks at the top.

Mosey over to pavillion for Peoples Chair x 60 secs with arms out front holding bricks.

Repeato with bricks overhead x 60 secs.

Line-up for Indian Run while holding bricks out to the front of the church

Partner up along the first cone for partner sprint / exercise work.  Partner 1 sprints 100 yds while partner 2 begins exercise called then flapjack until number of exercises done.

1) Run with bricks / man makers with bricks x 100

2) Run with bricks / Squats with bricks x 200

3) Sprint / hand release merkins x 100

4) Run with bricks / Carolina Dry Docks x 100

5) Run with bricks / Lunges with bricks x 200

6) On your own sprint down and back 2 times (total 200 yds)

Circle Up for MOM

LBC’s w/ bricks on chest x 20

Flutter w/ bricks overhead x 20

Mason Twist w/ bricks x 20

Plank Jack Burpees x 10 OYO

Run with bricks back toward shovel flag stopping for “Dirty Bird Lunges” Lunge Walk while doing shoulder flys with bricks.

Jailbreak for the flag.


Great work by all today, while it was a small group it was a great group w/ great 2nd F throughout.  The 40 and 50 year olds were out in force today while Smash & YHC were the only Hates at 38 (WB).  The gloom was awesome as well as it was nice and foggy on the lawn out in front of the church as the morning dew burned off.  Definitely added to the O2 deprivation!

YHC read an article this week about mortality / longevity & youthfulness in older age and precursers to each, and one of the top items on the list was hand grip stength and athleticism. The burpee (best exercise for athleticism) is always a staple of our workouts but YHC wanted to work in some strength work for our grip into a standard bootcamp workout.  So naturally my brick paver pile started calling my name and made its way into our workout.

So Friday night YHC was talking with Run Stopper via text and RS HCed to be at the workout.  However come game time Stopper was no where to be seen.  Later at coffeetiria the pax were talking about his #fartsacking on the day so YHC tweeted out asking him what gives?  The response by him was priceless: @CarrySwan: “@MallCop_F3 lol! @GeneaSwan had other ideas about how i should spend sat morning. #noregrets 🙂  But even more priceless was M Run Stopper corroborating with the following tweet: “Best #sack no fart ever!”  All YHC could say was best excuse ever for missing an F3 workout I’ve ever heard, carry on my friends, carry on!


Next Sat 10/12/13 is a convergence at Calvary Church for #TheRock, #DayZero, #Area51 for all pax not participating in the Mud Run.  Run Stopper & Lex Luther are on Q.

The Palmetto 200 Relay Race is March 28-29 from Columbia, SC to Charleston, and is very similar to the BRR.  We are pulling together an Area51 team and Slim Fast is on Q.  Please let him know if you are interested, as of right now we have enough HCs for half a team.



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Iron Horse
10 years ago

Excellent show Mall Cop. I’ve been crushing stones with my bare hands ever since. I had a whole pile of abuse prepared to send runstopper’s way….but now I must withdraw them and only say: Well Done.

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