So many cherries

So many cherries

Today I was accused of making up the weinke on the fly. That hurts. Ad-libbing, yes, but making it up? How dare you?


11 men plus a Chicken in a towel arrived at the humpiest site in Waxhaw. Moments after departing their air conditioned vehicles they were already dripping and I hadn’t even given the DiCCS yet.


Mosey around the HS lot and circle up near the top for SSHs, Moroccan Night Clubs, more SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Calf Stretches, Glidah Stretches, waving our hands in the air like we just don’t care, and ending with even more SSHs.

A very quick mosey to the curb to really get loose. Line up along the curb for some suicides.

  • To the center and back
  • 5 Mike Tysons
  • To the far end and back
  • 10 Bonnie Blairs (2=1, duh)
  • To the center and back
  • 5 burpees

Heart rates in the optimal position, we mosey.

The Thang

Long mosey to the first alcove on the left of the school for some 7s. Starting with 6 Donkey Kicks and a quick run to the next alcove to do Speed Skaters (2=1). Repeato until finishing with 1 Donkey Kick and 6 Speed Skaters.

Another mosey past the roundabout and towards the back of the school. Another curb. Another lineup. Broad Jump Burpees. Lots of groaning. From one curb to the opposite and back. Burpee with a broad jump instead of jumping straight up. Did I mention the groaning? Fine. Audible. We won’t go back. Instead we started picking cherries. Drive By didn’t see what the big deal was about picking cherries. You’ll see…

So we did a modified version of the Broad Jump Burpees. 2 Broad Jumps, 4 Walking Lunges, and 8 Bear Crawls all the way to the other curb. Pick those cherries, drop’em in a bucket. Do it again. Do another round of Broad Jump, Lunges, and Bear Crawls. Pick more cherries. Drive By started to get the point. It was somewhere around here I was accused of making it up as I went. Maybe the cherries were made up, but they got the job done.

Back to our regularly scheduled weinke…

Mosey back to the roundabout for some Paula Abduls. 2 light poles up, 5 T-Merkins. 1 light pole back, 5 jump squats. Repeato for a few rounds.

Partner exercises: 75 Dips, 75 Step-Ups, and 75 Derkins while the other partner does a half lap. Running low on time so a final little mosey to the trees in the center of the parking lot. 5 Bobby Hurleys at every other tree to the top of the hill. Then a jailbreak to COT.


The Chicken was waiting for us at COT. At some point while we were doing the 7s a law enforcement officer stepped out of the bushes. It was kinda weird. He said hey but mostly ignored us. He was checking all the doors and entrances to the school. Makes me wonder if a half naked Chicken standing in the parking lot is what prompted his arrival. I think that’d disturb anyone…


F3 Dads camp still has a few spots available but prices go up TOMORROW. Sign up fools

Prayers for Johnny Utah’s friend Rick who is dealing with colon cancer

yhc took us out

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