Meathead Mashup, “Little Baby!”

Meathead Mashup, “Little Baby!”

So last Friday was Christmas morning for me, figuratively speaking, of course.

Concert Season had finally arrived and the M and I were en route to Raleigh to see the Dave Matthews Band tour opener. Cloud 9. Just when I’m thinking the day can’t get any better I receive an email – yes, email, not a slack, DM, tweet… – from Unplugged, seeing if I can Q the following Wednesday. I replied that I’d be happy to but warned that the workout would fall in between my four-show mini-tour – Dave Week, as I call it – and that it would only make sense to use a DMB playlist for the workout. Unplugged didn’t budge. “Bring on the DMB,” he said, which told me one thing – He was hard up for a Q!

My favorite part of Meathead in 2021 has been the musical “discussions” that break out each week.

“What defines a ballad?”

“How do Poison and The Foo Fighters stack up to each other?”

“Which era is better – 80s? 90s? 2000s?”

The one guarantee each week is there will be plenty of banter around the chosen tunes and this morning’s workout was no different.

Luckily for the pax, over the weekend a buddy turned me on to Umphrey’s McGee’s Zonkey album (12-track mashup covering the likes of Marley, Talking Heads, Chicago and Frank Zappa – and that’s just one song), which gave me an idea. Rather than risk getting blackballed from future DJ opportunities for subjecting the pax to 45 minutes of DMB, why not improve my odds with 30+ songs across multiple genres and eras all mashed together?

If anything it was something new and gave us something to think about other than what’s below.


SSH x 20

IW x 10

Good Morning w/KB x 10

Prying Squat w/KB

Merkins x 10

2-Handed Swing x 10

Main Event

7’s with both KB swings and KB press

  • 6 swings, 6 presses Right; 1 swing, 1 press Left
  • 5 swings, 5 presses Left; 2 swings, 2 presses Left…etc

4 x 10 x 2 – four exercises, 10 reps, two sets

  • 1-handed swing (Right 10, Left 10)
  • Clean (Right 10, Left 10)
  • Squat 10
  • Forward lunge (Right 10, Left 10)

Farmer carry R 40 yds, L 40 yds

4 x 10 x 2 – four exercises, 10 reps , two sets

  • 1-handed swing (R 10, L 10)
  • Romanian Deadlift ( R 10, L 10)
  • High pull (R 10, L 10)
  • Lawn mower (R 10, L 10)

Waiter carry (R 40 yds, L 40 yds)

90 second plank medley


*  My goal for the workout was to hit the entire body and get our heart rates up. We didn’t actually get as many reps as scripted (only 132 swings) but I think the mission was accomplished. To my surprise, the cleans stood out the most from all the exercises. It’d been a while since I had looked forward to getting to squats.

*  You’ve heard of a three dog night? Well today was a two-hat morning for me. I brought two speakers just in case one failed. Also brought two hats cause I knew the sweat would be pouring! The heat/humidity didn’t disappoint.

*  As always, I appreciate the opportunity to lead at Meathead – thank you. It was a good morning that’s bound to affect tomorrow’s golf round – but since Frehleys liked the music it was all worth it! Here’s the album for those who are curious:

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