A little place called … Aspen

A little place called … Aspen

EE’s Plan:
Welcome / Disclaimer
COP – 20 x SSH, 10 x Windmills IC, 10 x Small/Large Arm Circles, 10 x 3 count Merkins IC, 10 x LSS IC
4 Corner Starfish: 2 Rounds
Center: 20 x LBC
Corner #1: 5 x Burpees
Corner #2: 10 x CDD
Corner #3: 10 x Bomb Jacks
Corner #4: 10 x LSS
Mosey to Track:
Partner up – 2 Laps total – 10 x Hand slap merkins w/ your partner when you meet up
Mosey to Wall – 2 Rounds
25 x Air Presses IC
20 x Speed Squats OYO
20 x Calf Raises OYO
Mosey to Playground – 3 Rounds
5 x True Pull-ups (or 10 x Supine Pull-ups)
15 x Swing Donkey Kickers
Mosey to Buss Parking Lot and on parking lot lines:
Bear Crawl 3 lines
Crab walk 3 lines
Lunge walk to the end
Mosey to main lot:
Burpee Broadjumps from center cone to curb
4 x AYG sprints approx 50 yards
20 x Flutter IC
20 x Dolley IC
20 x Heels to Heaven IC
20 x Freddy Mercury IC
20 x Big Boy Sit ups
1 Burpee – Done
Lots of Planks and stuff in between waiting on the 6
Thank You and Have a Great Day,

Darrick Hornberger

 – Welcome FNG Eric Schultz now AKA “Lightfoot”
 – Dad camp tickets still available Aug 20-22 at Camp Thunderbird on Lake Wylie
Solid showing for the launch of a new AO on the border of Union Co and Waxhaw regions. We founded this site with the hope of reaching men within the neighborhoods surrounding Antioch Elementary. Solid mumble chatter, a great beat down by Double E and an FNG who brought it – as evidenced when he nearly blacked out at the end! Job well done by all. Shovel flag is still in design and awaiting construction.

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