Are chickens better than bagels???

Are chickens better than bagels???

I had the honor of leading the crew at DaVinci (hail Stonehenge!). There was quite a bit of chatter on Slack the night before, especially from War Eagle who didn’t even show. I had to deliver an epic beat down. I was expecting 50 pax with all the guys I called out. I couldn’t sleep. I woke up at 2am from a nightmare about chickens.


I rolled in seeing a few familiar faces, and a couple new. Great work on growing F3 gents! 6:30am and disclaimer was given. As always, I stated the mission and purpose of F3 and we were off. Jerry World slid in a few mins late with his cool sunglasses on (crucial with the sun in our eyes most of the workout). We headed across the street and C3PO and Johnny 5 joined as well. Nice, had a good group.


Warmup: low slow sqt, windmill, SSH, GOOFBALL, merkin, plank jack, Parker Peter, Peter Parker. (No, this was not the full workout Rousey. Just getting started)


The Thang:

Classic five at water fountain. 10 count cadence of step ups, urkins, dips, dirkins, elevated crunch. X3 (the dirkins sucked).


Partner chase to kids r kids. P1 burpee and then catch P2. I got stuck with Sabertooth, what the heck… He flew out the gate. I finally caught him and was gased. Great to see him and J5 out there, the next generation.


Next is my go to workout (used a winkie that Rousey picked up later). Called an exercise and then a mode of transportation. Too many to type, so for example first set was shoulder taps on cadence and run to far stop sign, jog back. Flutter with Bear crawl, ect. Come to my next Q for the rest. Lots of mumble chatter here, especially from Doc about Kirby’s form. Sabertooth was spent from the partner chase, but got back into it after a quick breather.


I saw a nice sidewalk with a couple stairs. Might as well bear crawl down the sidewalk and down the stairs. Even Doc did it!


Mosey to shaded parking lot for quick triple nickel. Hand release merkin and jump squats. (One Star, Doc, and Jerry World crushed it!)


Some Mary and World’s Greatest Stretch (WGS). Come to my next Q for more details.


Mosey to opposite side of Best Buy. Plank for 30 secs, then ALL YOU GOT TO HOME. Plank for the six. With 20 secs left, last exercise Have a Nice Day.


The runners mosied on in asking what the dragon’s name in Never Ending Story was. Falcor?


Moleskin: This is a great AO for the snoozers. Lots of real estate to work with and great group that is growing. Loved seeing my X-site Q Brexit and always a joy having Doc talking smack about form and pushing us. Rousey is becoming a beast, watch out! Even saw sweaty Tool Bag with the runners. Thanks for the invite Midriff!


Announcements: Couple July 5 convergences and 2.0 friendly workouts. Check slack.

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