The Mobile Webb (or The Anal Bar)

The Mobile Webb (or The Anal Bar)

My first Monday Q in a while. Probably since Tweet ‘n Meet, which was Monday’s, right? YHC couldn’t sleep Sunday night. It always happens the night before a Q. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Q or just unlucky. Anyway, I was staring at the back of my eyelids at about 4am, waiting for my alarm. When it finally went off, I was so ready to get out of the sack and go. I was the first to arrive at Firestarter. I pulled in and there was a car next to mine that I assumed was F3, but when I got out there were 2 teenage girls glued to their phones. I thought it was odd they were that at 5:15 in the morning, but they probably thought the same about the eventual 10 PAX moseying out from launch 15 minutes later.
The next to arrive was an FNG! Very exciting. He introduced himself and told YHC he found us on the site. Not only had he found us on the site but he had already researched F3 pretty well and even ordered and read the book! Dude does his due diligence. I like it.

The rest of the PAX filter in and at 0530 YHC delivers the disclaimer and we’re off. I see the teenage girls trying to hide in their car because of the weird middle aged men running past them. But on to the workout.


We run to the 2-story building right beyond launch that is so frequently used. YHC was looking for a good hill or berm because I love kicking off a bootcamp with something involving running up and down a hill and getting the heart rate up out the gate. Blakeney is surprisingly flat though, but the stairs work in a pinch.

  • 15x SSH
  • 15x IW
  • 15x Low slow squats
  • 10x Merkin
  • 7’s on the stairs, burpees at the bottom, up the right flight, squats at the top, down the left

When finished, plank for the 6.

The Thing

When the 6 was in, we started the Webb. 1x merkin, 4x mountain climbers. We then are up and moseying toward the rock pile behind that Lash Studio. On the way there we stopped 4 times to continue the mobile webb: 2x merkins, 8x mountain climbers, up to 5x merkins and 20x mcs.

We arrive at the rock pile lot. Not only is the Lash Studio there, but Tanyatine points out the Anal Bar. Wait, no, it’s the A1 Nail Bar. Seriously though from an angle it really did look like the Anal Bar. I did my best to recreate with Paint 3D. I spent far too long on this, so you better enjoy it.

View post on

It doesn’t do it justice. You need to go drive there and see it. Go ahead, YHC will wait. OK, you’re back? Anal Bar all the way, right? Exactly.

We line up at the mailbox and I lay out the format for the next 3 rounds of exercises.

  • A called moving exercise toward the rock piles
  • Stop at all 4 islands and do a called exercise
  • Grab a rock and do a called exercise
  • When finished go grab some wall by the Anal Bar, wait for the 6, and do a called exercise in cadence.

The rounds:

  1. Bear Crawls, 2x Burpees, 20x Curls, 20x Air Presses
  2. Broad Jumps, 1x Merkin, 20x Front Raises, Raise Legs on call
  3. Lunge Walks, 2x Squats, 10x Squat Thrusters, Put back rocks

After this we head back to launch, stopping to ladder back down our webb. 5x merkins, 20x mc’s. Stop a few times and by the time we get to launch we’re back at 1x merkin, 4x mc’s.

A few minutes of Mary at the launch. Rousey forgot how to count, it was hilarious.

COT, Announcements

  • 7 runners joined from Blakovery
  • Frasier – sign up for the Crane which will be on 8/13. It was my first relay and it’s fun. It’s true, if you can do a bootcamp, you can do the crane.
  • YHC – Q School – Saturday 6/17 at DaVinci. Park at Blakeney Pet Smart 0630.
  • YHC – Shovel Flag Making Party – Also 6/17 at Taco Stand’s cul-de-sac.
  • YHC – Fourth of July convergence 7/5, 2.0 friendly – preblast link
  • Apparently, I think Wingman should have all the information for the announcements. Madame Tussauds called me out for looking to him for help on every date. He didn’t know either, so I had to look them up for the BB.
  • Jerry World – There’s a shortage of jr high and high school football officials in the area and like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. So, if you’ve ever found yourself on the sidelines telling the official they’re blowing the game, you give it a go. Great announcement JW.
  • FNG named Oddjob
    • Wade is from Ontario and his work in the gold industry brought him to Charlotte
    • Gold -> James Bond Gold Finger -> Oddjob
  • Thanks, Frehley’s for taking us out


  • I always blow my load in The Thing part of the backblast, but the anal bar was too good to wait this long. That’s definitely what she said.
  • Great mix of PAX and great workout by all

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