Did Someone Say Work Injury? Lawyer Up Son!

Did Someone Say Work Injury? Lawyer Up Son!

DICCS given as normal — I was little nervous so I covered everything since the Nantan was there, I saw him paying close attention,,

Warm Up- Opening mosey to front of High School

15- Imperial Walkers

15- Hill Billie’s (AKA- The Lawson Special)

Jimmy Dugan into a plank

Calf Stretch- Right arm and right leg high 10 seconds flap jack

Runners Pose 10 seconds- RECOVER

The Thang

Mosey down road and around building to benches and partner up.

150- Pistol LBCS ( pretty sure Ice 9 heard 200)

100- Merkins’ ( pretty sure Ice9 heard 150)

50 – Mike Tyson’s ( Pretty sure Ice 9 heard 100)

Other Partner run to circle and back

Mosey down path and around large parking lot to rock pile

30- curls- rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

20- Bent over rows- Rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

RINSE REPEAT until across the whole lot

Return trip

10- Squat Thrusters rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock

15- Triceps Extensions rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

Mosey around lot up hill to 1ST Speed Bump for SPEED BUMP BURPEES– YEEEEHAWWW ( This was stupid)

7’s between the two speed bumps.. 1 at bottom 6 at top ect……. Easy Button, Schneider and Deflated did not seem real happy with me for some reason. Actually I believe someone verbally abused me–

Mosey to front of high school for DIPS BABY DIPS

40- dips /20 single leg/20 single leg- Mosey around lot and repeat

Mosey to COT.. Baby 30 seconds to spare.



First of all I appreciate Sugar Daddy’s passion for site Qing and him taking responsibly to a new level.  So Sugar Daddy is injuried and was going to Diesel but showed up at Swarm to cover his responsibility’s. I guess my question would be, is he that darn responsible or did he not trust the Chicken to show or did he think I would screw something up?? hummm. Secondly, as always it is a pleasure leading a group of men like this even though it was slightly nerve-racking having the Nantan ( Gerber) at the workout. I appreciate the support, banner and push everyone showed today —



Christ Closest needs help tomorrow 8am-until unloading furniture– come by for a few after the workout or when you roll out of bed

Baby ( Good Fella) is having his one year Bday today. Good Fella spoke eloquently about how his brothers wrapped their arms around him during his trying times after birth of the Baby Good Fella. Everyone someday will need the love of F3 brothers remember, we are all here for each other and reach out if need be– It is more than a workout boys.

Dasher was angrily crushing the workout this morning– geez dude slow down.. yikes

Schneider – great work as always and stop being pissed about the burpees  it was only 30 ( hahah)

Smithers and Deflated are running machines and it was odd to see on 2/3 of LCR — humm  trouble in paradise boys??

Ice9– dude just brings it each day– enjoy vacation brother.. Loved seeing you Nascar style block Dasher from passing you in turn 4..

O-69– Crushed around 3.6 miles running and threw rocks around like they were damn skittles.

Centerfold– Loved seeing you out at Swarm brother, you have a long road to recovery but bring the heat back is great to see.

Nantan/Gerber— you make me nervous in your new role.. Also you cannot BS me, your calf was not hurting you were just running beside me to watch and take notes to make sure I follow the Q rules–

Easy Button– crushed it as always and I am not 100% sure, but I believe the verbal abuse came from your direction.. just saying.. Also why were you running beside me on the last leg?? Are you a spy for the Nantan? damn teachers pet!!!

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